Setting up your Shop

Summary: Here are some tips to help you give the best jump-start to your brand new shop, before you start selling products.

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Upload a shop banner

A shop banner is a great way to showcase who you are when customers visit your shop profile. To upload a banner, just follow these steps:

  • Visit your shop profile. You can access your shop profile by going up to the very top right of our homepage, mousing over the Shop icon, and clicking “Shop Profile.” If you haven’t uploaded a banner yet, you’ll see “Upload Banner.”


  • Click “Upload Banner” and you’ll be able to choose an image.
  • Choose an image and click “Open.” Here are our upload recommendations:
    • Banner must be at least 1328x192px. For the best quality shop banner, we recommend you upload an image of 2656px x 384px.
    • In mobile devices, the center 774px will be visible. In mobile devices, we recommend you keep any important text or content in the safe area of 716px x 226px
    • The top of your avatar will overlap your banner by 47px. Make sure you account for that when designing banners that pair well with avatars.
    • We accept PNG, JPG, and GIF files
    • Banner must be less than 5 MB in size
  • After the file uploads, your banner is live!

If you've changed your mind and would like to upload a new banner, just click the small X in the top right corner to remove your current banner. At that point you can replace the file by following the steps above.


Finally, don't forget to upload a matching avatar and update your bio on your shop profile!

Fill out shop tax and payout information

You've worked hard creating great products to sell on Creative Market, so prepare for your first payout by completing your payout settings. This will allow you to fill out your shop tax form and set a payout method. Please note that until you fill out this information, you will not be able to request a payout.

For more tax- and payout-related information, please check out this helpful resource.

Disclaimer: Creative Market does not provide tax advice. For further information, and to ensure you are complying with tax laws, please consult a tax professional.

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