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Navigating Our New AI Label

What is an AI-generated design asset? 

At Creative Market, we define an AI-generated design asset as a product whose key feature or file was primarily created with generative AI tools like Midjourney, DALLΒ·E, or Adobe Firefly, among others. 

These tools use AI to produce creative elements based on input parameters set by the user. As examples, we would consider the following products primarily AI-generated:

  • A set of illustrations generated by AI based on a prompt, where a human didn’t intervene in the drawing process
  • A set of stock photos entirely generated by AI, not captured with photography equipment
  • A mockup based on AI-generated imagery instead of non-generative photography or 3D modelling

Why is Creative Market asking shop owners to disclose if their products use AI? 

We aim to maintain transparency and build trust with our buyers. Disclosing AI usage allows buyers to make informed decisions based on their preferences for AI-generated design assets.

How do I indicate that my product was created using AI tools? 

When you upload a new product or edit an existing one, you will see a Yes/No question: β€œWas this product or one of its key features primarily created using generative artificial intelligence tools?” Simply select the appropriate option to keep your listings accurate and up-to-date. 

What are the benefits of using the AI disclosure label? 

Being transparent about AI usage can enhance your credibility and attract buyers specifically interested in AI-generated assets. It also ensures buyers who prefer assets not created with AI can easily find what they need.

What happens if I do not disclose AI usage accurately? 

Failing to disclose AI usage accurately may lead to mismatches between buyer expectations and the product delivered, potentially impacting your shop's reputation and sales. We encourage all shop owners to be forthright in their disclosures to support a clear, trustworthy marketplace.

How can these products be identified?

Available immediately, we will surface a label that identifies products as AI-generated.


Will there be a search filter for buyers?

Initially, we’re looking to identify all products as AI-generated or non-generative. Once a significant portion of the catalogue has been classified, we will implement search filters to assist buyers in purchasing. 

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