How does Creative Market promote my products?

We actively market products and shops via the following channels:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Creative Market Homepage (Popular Products, Shop Updates, Handpicked Goods)
  • Free Goods of the Week
  • Blog posts
  • Staff Picks (on the homepage): Our handpicked, or "Staff Picks," section is a curated selection of products we love. Our team handpicks new items, usually based on overall quality, a complete, detailed listing, and at least 3 - 4 effective product displays. High quality seasonal items are also likely to be handpicked. You can read more tips on getting handpicked here
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)

Creative Market's Newsletter Promotion

Creative Market sends out a number of newsletters to help you market your products and gain visibility in the community. You can learn more about each one below, and how to prepare your shop and products for them:

  • Free Goods Newsletter: This email announces all of the latest free goods of the week. This email goes out on a Monday, so if you're a Shop Owner who is offering a free good, check out this article to gear up for the week of the offer.
  • Blog Digest: This email announces all of the latest posts from the Creative Market blog and goes out on Tuesdays. Our blog articles often feature products from our Shop Owners.
  • Top New Products Email: Every week we select what we feel are the best new goods of the week to feature in this Wednesday newsletter. The best way to improve your chances to get into this email is to release new items every week and to make sure that the products that you're publishing are super high quality and stand out from the pack. Best practices include creating great product images and writing full descriptions. Having early sales and good reviews makes your product more likely to be considered for this newsletter.
  • Popular Products Email: This newsletter, sent on Thursdays, highlights items that have been extra popular during the past week.
  • Trends: This Friday newsletter features items that fit into trends within the design space or within our marketplace.

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