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Individual Font Weights

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To improve our font-selling experience, we have divided multi-style font families into individual fonts for sale. This means more choice and flexibility for buyers and a fresh way for you to showcase individual fonts.

Your original font families are still available for sale. Still, they will be treated as separate products for customers to have more options with what they need to buy while giving you more creative freedom to set individual and family prices on your fonts. 


Allowing for individual fonts to be sold is quick and simple and gets the customer what they want, when they want it, without any other elements that would come with a family. Previously, many fonts sold on Creative Market were sold as families: customers would purchase multi-style packs with TFF, OTF, and WOFF files. Moving forward, giving the customer full control of picking a specific font will remove confusion around proper license usage and the royalties you derive from them.


Whatโ€™s next?


  1. Review your font prices
  2. Update any product descriptions and remove any mentions of files that were once included as part of the font family
  3. Review any technical steps to make how a customer can download and use the font without issue

Thatโ€™s it! Itโ€™s always recommended to stay vigilant with your products in general, to ensure you are offering fair prices as well as any context that customers should be aware of when downloading your product.


When did you launch this?

The rollout date for this was April 11th, 2024

How will pricing change when my font products are repackaged? 

If you are reading this before April 1st, 2024, you will have 10 days to review recommended pricing and edit as you wish. We have established a minimum family pricing of $15 for products with more than two font styles. You are in control of pricing at all times. 

How did you calculate your recommended pricing for fonts?

Our pricing suggestions come from a decade of insights at Creative Market and Fontspring. We've crunched numbers, analyzed trends, and considered the unique value each font style brings to ensure our recommended prices serve as a solid starting point for you. Again, you will have full control of changing the pricing through the product editor at any time. 

What will happen to my single-style font products? 

Fonts already sold as single styles will be unaffected by this repackaging. Webfont and desktop files within those fonts will be served dynamically based on the license type a buyer purchases. 

Will my font family products with multiple styles still be available as a package? How will they change? 

We understand you may still want to sell multiple font styles as a family. We have established a minimum family pricing of $15 for products with more than two font styles. You're free to adjust above this floor based on your understanding of your fonts' value and appeal. If your font family pricing was already above $15, it will remain unchanged.

What if I still want to offer webfonts and desktop fonts in a single package? 

We're moving towards clarity and specificity in licensing. Offering fonts tailored for specific uses ensures buyers get what they need for their medium, enhancing compliance and understanding of licensing terms. 

We encourage all shops to follow industry best practices and help foster customer education in this area. Clear licensing makes for a stronger typography industry where usage terms for each medium are described distinctly. We discourage packaging OTF/TTF and web-ready fonts under a single desktop license and will soon launch a feature to separate them directly within the product editor.

Why can't I upload new products now?

During this change, we have temporarily disabled the product uploader to ensure there will be no issues while we continue the work on improving the product editor. This is happening with Fonts that have already been converted and not all products.

If you need to upload new product files in the meantime, please contact our dedicated Shop Support Team.

How should I upload my new fonts moving forward? 

Once the product uploader is re-enabled, we will periodically repackage single styles and desktop/webfont formats, notifying you when your products are available for pricing edits. 

We will soon release an updated product editor with specialized font upload features that allow you to separate and price new families at the font level. 

If I included extras (vectors, illustrations, templates, etc.) as part of my font product, what would happen to those files?

As part of the conversion process, we will move any non-font files included in the product upload into an โ€œExtrasโ€ folder that will be included with every purchase of the family or an individual weight.

Font listing Updates Failure: what does this mean?

If you see the message above, this means that we attempted to update the new font listing prices, but ran into a minor error. Don't worry! We have our team investigating into this to ensure this will not happen again, and we will continue to re-try the update until it is successful. There will be no action from you here.

Who can I reach out to if I need more help?

Our Shop Dedicated Support Team is here to help you when you need it, but please continue to support your customers as normal!


Will changes be coming to other product categories?

We are always trying to scale and improve every aspect of the platform. Currently, we are working to improve the upload and purchase process across categories on Creative Market. Stay tuned!

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