Updating and Removing Products

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Updating Products in your Shop

You can update products in your shop at any time! Also, you can notify your past customers of a specific item when you update product files for that item. To notify all your buyers when you update a product, please do the following:

  1. On the product page, click Edit on the top right.
  2. Click the X on your current product file to remove it.
  3. Upload the new product files. You can click the upload product box or drag a zip file. 
  4. Making sure your product is set Live, click Save All Changes.
  5. A pop up box will then appear allowing you to write a message describing the update. If you check the box that says [ ] Notify customers of this update, this message will be sent to all of the customers* that purchased that product in the past.  
  6. You can also choose not to notify customers of an update by unchecking "Notify customers of this update"
  7. Click Save Product to update and notify your buyers.
  8. Click Close to exit edit mode.


* NOTE: Only buyers with the email notification "Products you've purchased are updated" checked on will receive a notification. If a customer wants to download the updated product, they’ll be able to log into their account to download the latest version of the product for free from the product page or their purchases

Product Update Guidelines & Best Practices

To help your customers get the most out of your latest product update, here are some guidelines we recommend following when you write your product update:


  • List improvements you made to your product
  • List software your product was updated to support
  • Describe bugs you corrected or fixed
  • Describe elements, features, or files you've added to enhance the product
  • Keep the update description relevant to the product being updated


  • Use this feature simply to advertise a completely different product in your shop, without providing any details about the product you've updated. Please see our Shop Owner Guidelines for more information.
  • Use this feature to spam your customers about promotions you're running in your shop.

Adding Product FAQs

You can add your own product FAQs to each product you upload. On any of your saved drafts or live product pages, scroll down past your description to view the FAQs. Creative Market provides some already, and you can add more to give buyers answers to common product-related questions without having to send you a message.


You can now fill out your FAQs in a Question and Answer format. The “Answer” field even supports the <strong></strong> HTML tag to make text bold. You can edit or delete your FAQ at any time.


Preset FAQ

You’ll notice that your new product may already come with a couple of convenient FAQs. These are FAQs provided by Creative Market for each product. They tell your customers how to contact you (the seller) and how to access our Help Center for more information.

Deleting and Drafting Products 

You have two options to remove a product from the marketplace:

Option 1: Set the product to draft - Product can be set live again later

Edit your product and on the dropdown menu select Draft. Click Save all changes on the far right, and your product is now a draft and will not be visible on the marketplace.


Now, only you will be able to see this item. You can view all of your drafts in your shop. Drafts can be found by visiting your shop profile and toggling "Show Drafts".


Note: Drafting an item will still allow your past customers to download that item from their purchases, unless you also delete product files. Please consider this before deleting product files, as customers expect to be able to download their past purchases at any time!

Option 2: Completely delete the product - Product cannot be set live again

Edit your product and click the small trash can icon on the left.

Screen_Shot_2021-04-14_at_7.55.42_AM.pngNext, you'll be asked for confirmation. Clicking Delete Product will permanently delete the product. 

You can also delete products permanently from your Products list by using the actions on the right side.

Note: Deleting an item will still allow your past customers to download that item from their purchases, unless you delete product files before deleting the product. Please consider this before deleting product files, as customers expect to be able to download their past purchases at any time!

Oh no! I accidentally deleted a product!
Did you delete a product by mistake? Please let us know, and we’d be happy to try and restore the product. Note: If the product had prior sales, we may be able to restore your product, but if the product had never been sold, unfortunately we will not be able to restore your product.

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