Listing a New Product

When you create a new single product, you’ll be taken to our Product Editor to get started. (For more information about uploading multiple products using our Bulk Editor, please see this help file.) Each required field is marked with a small orange icon. You can hover over this icon for more details.


Let’s get started with some tips! Click on one of the topics below to learn more:

Adding a product category

  • Listing products in the Fonts or Add-ons categories will not allow you to add an Extended License. Our installable items only offer the Standard License, but customers will be able to use them to create unlimited End Products, which may be sold unlimited times. You can read more about our licenses for fonts and add-ons here.
  • If you’d like to list a 3D item and don’t see the 3D category available, you need to apply to open a 3D shop.
  • Choosing the Photos category will help your photo’s IPTC data auto-populate. You can learn more about how to set IPTC data in this help file. Also note that selecting the Photos category will not allow you to manually upload screenshots. A screenshot is automatically generated from the photo you upload. If you’d like to display multiple screenshots from a photo bundle, you can learn more about creating a photo bundle here.
  • Be sure you categorize your product correctly! We want to eliminate as much frustration as we can and provide the best customer experience possible.

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Adding a product description

  • Make your listing clear and easy to understand
  • Describe what items are included
  • You may find it beneficial to state what is not included also
  • Answer questions in your listing that you think your customers will ask
  • Note software requirements (for example, "This product requires Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above" etc)
  • It might even be beneficial to state what software will not support your product as well (for example, "Sorry! This PSD is not supported by Photoshop Elements" etc)

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Pricing your item

Once you’ve chosen your product’s category/subcategory, our product editor will show a “suggested price range”:


This suggestion takes an average price range from all products in the same category in order to set the Suggested Price Range. However, we encourage you to price your item in a way that you feel fairly compensates you for your time, effort, and expertise. Only you know what that is!

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Adding a Live Preview

The following categories support live previews:

To add a live preview, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click Add New Product from your shop page
  2. Select any of the categories / subcategories listed above
  3. Click the drop down on right hand side of the screen for Add Property
  4. Select Preview URL and add a link that shows your product in action.
  5. Finish uploading the rest of the product and save your product for sale! The live preview will appear under your product’s main display.

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Adding a Video

You may use a video from Youtube or Vimeo as one of your displays! Just follow these steps to add a video preview that helps enhance your listing:

NOTE: Your video must be a public video. Sorry, unlisted or private videos will not work here!

  • Visit the video on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Click “Share” below the video.
    • (YouTube) Copy the link that appears.
    • (Vimeo) A small modal will appear. Copy the link beside “Link” at the top.
  • In your new product listing, paste the link in the display field that says “Embed YouTube or Vimeo Video URL.”
  • The video will appear as one of your displays when you click elsewhere in your listing.
  • You can add another video by clicking “Add image”, then clicking Cancel.

NOTE: If you add a video, you must also include at least one static screenshot in order to save the product for sale. 

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Uploading product files

To upload product files in your new product, just click “Upload Product” in the top right corner. You’ll be able to choose a file on your computer that is 4 GB or less.

NOTE: Since we provide the license, you don’t have to include EULAs or license files - your customers will be able to view the license that applies to the product when they make a purchase.

Additionally, if you’d like to upload multiple files, we recommend that you zip them together using .zip compression. The .zip format can be opened by tools built in on a Mac or PC. .ZIP is recommended over .rar or .7z, for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s easy to create a .zip file with built-in system tools.
  • Your customers can easily open .zip files with system tools they already have on their Mac or PC; they don’t need to install special software.
  • Our product specs sidebar and “All Files” feature is helpful for customers as they determine whether or not they have the correct software to use your product. Our product editor can actually read inside your .zip file and give your customer a basic list of the files and formats inside. A .rar or .7z file will not allow our product editor to display a list of files in our product specifications sidebar. 

Here’s how to create a .zip file:


  • Select all of the files you’d like to .zip together. Hold SHIFT to select a list or CMD to select random items.
  • Right click on the selected item(s)
  • Click “Compress # items.”
  • A file called “” will be created. We recommend that you rename this file to clearly describe your product files.
  • Upload this .zip file to your new product!


  • Select all of the files you’d like to .zip together. Hold SHIFT to select a list or CTRL to select random items.
  • Right click on the selected item(s).
  • Click Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder.
  • A new .zip file will be created. To rename it, right click the .zip file and select Rename, and then name the file to describe your product files.

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Adding tags to your product

You can type tags in the tag field at the very bottom of the listing editor. These can be one at a time (hitting enter between tags) or separated by commas. Make sure you hit enter to apply them! You'll see your new tags appear at the bottom of the page after hitting enter.

You can learn more about how our search algorithms use tags and other product information to display products in search results by reading this discussion!

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Adding a Photo’s Focal Point

If you’ve uploaded a photo in portrait format, you may set a focal point to show our product editor which portion of the photo you’d like to showcase in the main thumbnail. After uploading the photo as your product file, you’ll be able to see it displayed. In the center of the display, you’ll see a circular icon. This is our focal point tool, and you can drag it around to set your photo’s focal point.

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Saving your Product for Sale

When you’ve filled out your listing completely, toggle the state to Live, then click Save all Changes at the far right. All of the required fields (showing an orange icon to the left) must be completed (the orange icon will turn green) before you can save your product for sale.


Click Close to view your listed product. Congrats! You're done listing your product, and you can start promoting it. 

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