2019 Category Organization Improvements

In March 2019, the add-ons and templates categories have/will undergo changes to improve the organization of subcategories within these areas. Read on to learn more about these changes.

What’s changing?

Add-ons subcategories will now be centered on the software customers use. The goal here is to help customers more easily find your products by increasing the organic search visibility for your assets and help buyers connect with products that match their preferred software. 

Later in March, the Templates category will welcome deeper, third-level, categories in a few areas. Additionally, “Product Mockups” will be moved from the Graphics category to Templates. Through user research we found that the placement of mockups within Graphics was often confusing and fit better with Templates. This change also allows us to grow mockups into several different subcategories.

Do I have to move my Add-ons products?

No. We believe these category changes will help shop owners find increased success at Creative Market. However, we also want to make sure that we don’t increase your workload. So, please know, there’s no need for you to re-categorizes all your products.

In order to place minimal work on shop owners like you, we’ll make sure your add-ons products end up in the right category, based on the product’s file type, Compatible With settings, and the subcategory you’ve already selected.

For example, if a shop owners has listed a Procreate Brush in the Brushes subcategory, it will now live in the “Procreate Brushes” subcategory because:

  • The extension is .brush
  • The historic subcategory location was Add-Ons > Brush
  • And the "Compatible With" is set to Procreate

Moving forward, for all uploaded Add-Ons products, you’ll be doing everything the same within the product editor. Just set the subcategory location based on the type of add-on it is.

Do I have to move my Templates products?

No. The Templates category is getting additional third-level categories, rather than being restructured, so we will take care of the mapping of all current products. For all new products, you’ll now be able to get more specific about which sub-sub-category your template product belongs in. You’ll soon see these new subcategories within the templates area in the product editor and be able to assign your products to these categories as usual.

Once the “Product Mockups” change is made, all product mockup items will be automatically moved to the templates category in the “Mockups” subcategory and relevant sub-sub-categories.

For new email template products, you will select “Email Templates” and we’ll do the rest.

What if my Add-on or Email Template works with multiple kinds of software?

We’re aware that in many cases, an add-on product or email template will span across multiple types of software. For this reason, some add-ons products and email templates will now live within multiple subcategories.

For example, because many add-ons are compatible with multiple Adobe products, a gradient product might be mapped to both Illustrator Gradients and Photoshop Gradients.

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