File Type and Formats

For each product type on Creative Market, there are a number of different file types! Understanding file types will give you a good idea of what software you'll need in order to use a product. 

The majority of products offered require specific software for you to open and edit. Fonts with OpenType features like stylistic alternates and swashes also work best in OpenType savvy apps. We recommend that you completely read the product description written by the shop owner before you purchase. Many shop owners clearly describe what software is required, right in the body of their listing description. Also, pay particular attention to "File Types" and "Requirements" in the product specifications column on the right side of a product page (boxed in red below). This shows important information about file types and software compatibility.

For example, the image below shows that there are AI files in this product. This means you'll need Adobe Illustrator to open and edit the product. (You can view a listing of all of the files in the product by clicking "All Files.") Also, based on the Compatible with... specs, you'll need Illustrator to use the product. You can mouse over the Illustrator icon to see the version you'll need.  


If you click on "All Files" beside File Types, you can see a detailed list of the files and folders included inside the product.

Using the infographic below, you can see what kind of software is needed for some of our most common files on the site.

Note: Please make sure your software version is also compatible because sometimes a product may need a newer version of the software.

Common Questions

Q: It looks like many products require Adobe software. I have GIMP - will that work?
A: Many of our products are in Adobe formats, so it’s always a good idea to review product listings very carefully before making a purchase, or even ask the Shop Owner if you’re not sure your software will support the product. GIMP, a free, open source design app, may support some Adobe formats, but we can’t guarantee that GIMP will support all of the features of a specific file format. You can learn more about what file formats are supported by GIMP in this helpful article
Q: Can I use vector files in Inkscape?
A: Inkscape, a free, open-source app for vector illustration, can import a variety of vector file formats (although we can’t guarantee that certain vector file formats will work 100% as intended.) You can learn more about Inkscape’s file support in this helpful article

You can learn more about file types in this blog post! We've also written a detailed post about all the different graphic formats

Still unsure if the software you have is compatible with a product you’re interested in? Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to check for you.

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