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Installing Fonts

Summary: Learn how to install fonts on a computer or mobile device and troubleshoot font install issues. For more information about fonts, check out the other articles in this series: 
Troubleshooting Fonts • Using Fonts with Special Features (OpenType) • Color Fonts (OpenType-SVG) • Using Webfonts

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How to install fonts on your computer (Mac / PC)

Before installing your new font, you must unzip the file. Next, you can install the font in your system by following these steps:

On a PC: Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click "Install."

On a Mac:

  • Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click "Install Font."
  • Alternately, you can manually install fonts to bypass Fontbook: Copy (CMD + C) the file(s) either OTF or TTF format, then Paste (CMD + V) the files into this folder: HD > Library > Fonts

Important: Restart the program where you intend to use the font, and the fonts will show up in your font list when you open the program again. 

Troubleshooting Install Errors 

First, make sure you have unzipped the product before installing. You won’t be able to install a .zip file as a font. Please also note that you need to install the font before using it! You cannot open the font file directly in a program like Microsoft Word- you'll need to install it on your computer first.

"Errors" in Mac FontBook

Occasionally you may run into an error when you install a font using Mac FontBook. FontBook has a built-in validation tool that is run when fonts are installed, and this validation tool is very strict. The following factors may generate a "minor" or "serious" error:

  • A font's ascenders or descenders go outside the bounds set when the font was programmed.
  • The font is installed from a location on a connected network, versus a location directly on your computer (e.g. your desktop).
  • The font has a lot of vector points (as many heavily distressed, highly detailed fonts do). Fonts like this take longer to render and are more resource-intensive, especially for computers with less memory.
  • The font is already installed in your system.

These errors do not mean that the font is harmful or contains malware. Typically, the errors may be safely ignored, and the font can be installed anyway. You may never notice any issues when you use the font. Here’s what you can do:

  • Install the font manually, bypassing FontBook: Copy either the OTF or TTF file to your HD > Library > Fonts folder
  • Install the font anyway, using Fontbook: Click “Install Checked”
  • Contact the Shop Owner with details of the install error. Usually this is an easy fix that can be done by the Shop Owner.

How to install fonts on iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Generally, a desktop or laptop computer is recommended when you're installing fonts, but if your device of choice is a mobile device, just follow the below steps to install fonts on your device. Please keep in mind that fonts are not yet fully supported natively within mobile devices, so you'll need a third-party app, as well as additional profiles, to install fonts. We recommend RightFont for iPhone and iPad will use it in the steps below. Finally, please be aware that your mobile device may not fully support all features of OpenType fonts. 

  • Before you start, please download this free app for iPhone & iPad: RightFont (free)

Installing Fonts with RightFont

(Please note that these steps are for iPhone, but if you have an iPad, the steps are essentially the same.)

  1. If you're downloading and unzipping files entirely on your iPhone, follow these steps to download and unzip the file. (Please note that the directions are for iPad, but work the same on an iPhone.)
  2. Open up RightFont on your iPhone. At the bottom, tap My Fonts, then tap the + icon at the top left: IMG_7941.png

  3. Navigate to your iZip folder, then find the font file inside the product folder. Tap the font file (it will probably be the only type of file that isn't previewed.)
  4. You'll see this screen next. Tap install
  5. Next, since your phone needs to install a configuration profile in order to support the font, you'll see this screen. Tap Allow. (Note: If you do not see the following popup, you may need to restart your device.)
    Then tap close.
  6. Go to your phone's Settings App. Tap Profile Downloaded
  7. You'll see this screen. Tap Install.  You will need to enter your phone's unlock code. Tap install a couple more times. 
  8. Now, if you return to RightFont, you'll see that the font is installed. You can now use it in apps that allow you to create text. 
  9. Repeat this process for other fonts that you'd like to install. Please note that you will need to install a profile for each font. 
  10. To uninstall a font from RightFont, swipe left, tap Delete, then remove the configuration profile from Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.

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How to use fonts in Procreate (iPad)

Procreate version 4.3 introduced fonts into Procreate, making it easier than ever to create text in your artwork. To use a font in Procreate, just follow the below steps. (Note: If you're using Procreate Pocket, you'll need to install fonts on your iPhone before using them in Pocket.)

You'll need:

Instructions for Procreate:

  1. Open Procreate. Tap the small tool icon in the top left, then under Add, tap Add Text
  2. Some text will appear. Tap Import Font
  3. Find the font you imported in your iPad's Files. (If you used iZip to unzip the file, it will be located in the iZip folder.) Tap the font file that you want to install. (Note that you can only tap/install one at a time)
  4. Your font will be imported and will now appear in your font list in Procreate.  

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How to install fonts on a Chromebook

Installing fonts on a Chromebook is possible, although it’s not quite as simple as installing fonts on a computer with Windows or MacOS. This video will walk you through the process for installing your new fonts on a Google Chromebook.

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Custom fonts in Google Docs

Sorry, at this time, it's not possible to add or install custom fonts to Google Docs, including fonts you purchase on Creative Market. 

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If you're still having trouble, don't hesitate to contact Support.

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