How do I contact a shop owner about an item?

If you have questions about a product, we recommend contacting the Shop Owner from the product page. To send someone a message about a specific product, simply visit the product page of the item you purchased, scroll down, and click the "Ask a question" button to the right of the Frequently Asked Question section.


At this point, you'll have a chance to direct your message to the appropriate channel:



You can also message a shop owner from their profile page by clicking the message button on the right:

Most shop owners sell on Creative Market part time, so they may take a few days to reply, especially since many of our Shop Owners operate on different time zones around the world. Please note: If we contact them on your behalf, it increases the time to reply to you. However, if you don’t receive a response to a technical question about a purchase within 2-3 business days, please feel free to contact Support.

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