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Summary: Color fonts (or OpenType-SVG fonts) give type a realistic look but have limited software support. Learn about them below. For more information about fonts, check out the other articles in this series: 
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This OpenType-SVG Font can be purchased from Greg Nicholls

OpenType-SVG fonts - or color fonts - are the newest technology in type! With color fonts, type isn't just multi-color: Color fonts can make your type take on artistic textures, or add spirit and depth. You can read more about color fonts on our blog, and you can check out some of our color fonts here!

Keep in mind that color fonts still have limited software support. Color fonts are most commonly used in Adobe design software, but only certain versions will support and allow you to use them: 

Software Earliest Version to Support Color Fonts
Adobe Photoshop 18.0 (CC 2017) 
Adobe Illustrator 22.0.0 (CC 2018) 
Adobe InDesign 13.0.1 (CC 2019)

You can see a complete list of software that supports color fonts here

If you have this supported software, after unzipping the file, just install your color font as you would a normal font. Please note that due to the high level of detail color fonts offer, they'll be larger than normal fonts and use more of your system memory.

Can I install and use OpenType-SVG / color fonts on my computer if I don't have the latest software?
If you don't have software that supports color fonts installed on your computer, unfortunately you will not be able to use OpenType-SVG fonts. However, many of our color font products also offer normal OpenType or TrueType versions of the color font that you can use in any software that supports type, so be sure to check the description in the product listing!

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