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How to download a product

When you’re logged into your Creative Market account, there are a couple of ways to download your purchases:

  • You can download products you’ve purchased directly from the product page by clicking “Download Now.”

  • Alternatively, all of your purchases can be found and downloaded from your purchases page, even if the product is no longer for sale on Creative Market. Once on the purchases page, just click on the download icon (the downward pointing arrow) of any product to begin your download. You can also generate receipts and invoices.

We also offer a way to automatically sync your purchases to Dropbox. If you use this feature, you can download your purchases directly from your Dropbox account, or use Dropbox’s desktop tool to have them come straight to your computer. 

After you’ve downloaded your purchase, you can use these tips to find your downloaded file. After that, just unzip the file, and you’ll be ready to start using your purchase!

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How to find a downloaded file on your computer

Your downloaded files will typically go straight to your system’s “Download” folder. The location of this folder differs based on your system:

PC / Windows

  • You can access your download folder here: C:\users\yourusername\downloads


  • You can access that folder here if it's not already a shortcut: Macintosh HD > Users > yourusername > Downloads

When you locate your downloaded file, you'll usually have to unzip the file.

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Downloading products on a mobile device

With very few exceptions, the products on Creative Market will require software or tools on a desktop or laptop computer. Your mobile device will not be able to download, install, or use products purchased on our marketplace (with the exception of tools designed for mobile apps, such as Procreate brushes.) We recommend that you download your purchases from a computer.

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Troubleshooting Download Issues

Help! I’m having trouble downloading the product.

It may be helpful to use a Download Manager. This helpful article provides more information about download managers, as well as tips on downloading large files.

Help! I’m logged in, but I don’t see any purchases!

Is it possible that you’re logged into a different account? Sometimes it’s easy to create two or more accounts, especially if you sign in with Facebook or have two or more emails. We’d recommend that you try logging into any other accounts you might have. If you’re not sure, we’d be happy to help! Just contact us, and we can look up your account using your email address or Order number (found on any download or purchase receipt) and help you locate your purchases.

I made a purchase, but haven't received the product I bought, and I have only one account.

It's possible that while you were trying to purchase a product, you purchased credits but did not actually download the product yet. You can find all of your purchases on your purchases page, so if you purchased a product, it will appear here. If you have a balance of credits, you’ll see your credits reflected in your account balance (in the top right corner) when you mouse over your profile icon.


Do my purchases expire?

As long as your purchased products are available on the marketplace, you can access them and download the items whenever you want, including products from Bundles you've purchased in the past. Your purchases never expire, and your allowed usage will remain consistent with the License you purchase.

You can access individual products from the product page and you can access all of your purchases from your purchases page. To download products here, just click the small downward pointing arrow on the right.

Will I always have the ability to download past purchases on Creative Market?

Since Shop Owners on Creative Market own full rights to their products, files from products you have purchased can be removed at any time. In the unlikely situation that this occurs, you will lose the ability to download the product again. However, your license and its allowed usage is still in effect for your files.

To ensure you never lose access to your purchased products, we recommend that you keep backup copies on your end. If you are using our Dropbox Sync feature, you should make sure your Dropbox account is regularly showing your purchases.

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