Downloading a Product Update

From time to time, Shop Owners may update their products, and you may get an email notification informing you of a product update. Updating your purchase is always free! Here's how to download an product update:

  • Make sure you're logged into your Creative Market account. (Keep in mind that this must be the same account that originally made the purchase. If you're having trouble locating the account on which you made the purchase, just send us a message!)
  • Visit the product page, or follow the link in your email to visit the product page.
  • Click "Download Now." 
  • The updated product will download to your computer, and you can delete the old version if you want.
  • Alternately, you can download any product from your purchases page.

NOTE: We do not currently auto-sync to your Dropbox when a product is updated. To manually re-sync a purchase with Dropbox after it's been updated, visit your purchases, and click the small rotating arrow icon to re-sync.

Can I update products in Creative Market Big Bundles I've purchased?

Yes! If you’ve purchased a Creative Market Big Bundle in or before December 2018, any updates for the products included in the Bundle can be downloaded for free. If you’re subscribed to our Product Update email notification, you'll receive updates to any products it contains, whenever the shop owners make them. Please note that updates are made individually, using the same steps above.

I know I already purchased a product, but I can't download the product without purchasing it again!

It sounds like you might be logged into a different account than the one that made the purchase. Since updates for purchases you've already made are always free, you just need to make sure you log into the correct account. If you're unsure which account made the purchase, we're happy to help: just drop us a note.

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