How do I get a receipt or invoice?

NOTE: This article refers specifically to Creative Market. You can learn more about Creative Market Pro in this section.
  1. Download a receipt for a product
  2. Download a receipt for a bundle
  3. Download a VAT Invoice
  4. Receipt for Credit Purchase


How can I download a receipt for a product I've purchased?

When you purchase a product, you will be sent a receipt by email. If you don’t see it, please check your spam and trash folders. If you need a more detailed receipt, you can customize and download a detailed receipt/invoice on your Purchases page using the receipt icon.

You can add in more details about things like your company name, company address, etc.

Once you hit Create Receipt, your detailed receipt will download onto your computer.

How can I download a receipt for a bundle?

When you purchase a bundle, you will be emailed a receipt. If you'd like to download a custom receipt for a bundle, click the receipt icon on ANY of the bundle’s individual products. A receipt will list the entire bundle as the purchase, not individual items.

How can I download a VAT invoice?

VAT invoices are automatically created at the time of purchase and can be found on your VAT settings page. Please see our VAT FAQ for more information on VAT Invoices. 

How can I download a receipt for credits I've purchased?

For credits, you will receive an email receipt if you purchased using PayPal. If you purchased credits using a credit card, please contact us and we will e-mail you a copy of your invoice.


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