Syncing your Purchases to Dropbox

Q: How do I connect my Dropbox account to Creative Market?
A: To connect your accounts, go to your Settings page here and click “Connect Dropbox” on the right-hand side of the screen. You’ll then be taken to the login page on After logging in, select the folder choose your account on Dropbox and you’ll be taken back to your Creative Market Settings page. You should now see “Connected as [your name]” on the right hand side. The X next to that allows you to disconnect the Dropbox account in case you want to connect a different account.

Q: Can I sync multiple products and bundles with one click?
A: Yes. On your Purchases page in the upper left hand corner, you’ll see a green link with a number. This indicates how many products you have that aren’t synced. Click the link, and it will sync all un-synced products. When the sync is complete, you’ll see a checkmark next to each product.

Q: Why do the Dropbox icons on my Purchases page just keep flashing?
A: There may be a delay until your products sync completely because of the number of products you’re attempting to sync at once. Please refresh your page and they should show as synced. If they are still flashing, please check your Purchases page again later, and all the items should be synced.

Q: What does the exclamation mark in the gray circle mean next to a product?
A: If a product fails to sync, hover over the exclamation mark and you’ll see the reason why the sync failed. Most commonly, this is because you’re using a free Dropbox account and have run out of storage space. In that case, you might consider upgrading to a paid account on Dropbox. If you do upgrade, you can then go back to your Purchases page and click the green re-sync link in the upper right hand corner.

Q: How can I sync or resync an individual product?
A: To sync an individual product, simply click on the Dropbox icon on your Purchases page (it looks like a box) next to that product. To re-sync, click on the circular arrows icon next to the product.

Q: How can I find the products I’ve synced?
A: To find product you have already synced, log into Dropbox and click Apps, then Creative Market. Inside, you’ll see all the products you’ve synced.

Q: Can I sync products I’ve purchased before I linked a Dropbox account to Creative Market?
A: Yes. Just click the green link in the upper left hand corner that says ”sync”.

Q: What if I accidentally deleted the Creative Market folder in my Dropbox account?
A: If you deleted the Creative Market folder in Dropbox, go to your Settings page. Disconnect your Dropbox account there and then re-connect it. This will then create a new Creative Market folder again in Dropbox. You’ll then need to click the green re-sync link in the upper lefthand corner your Purchases page.

Q: How can I disconnect / switch Dropbox accounts?
A: If you’d like to switch the Dropbox account you use to sync your purchases, we recommend you follow these steps: 

Disconnect your old Dropbox account:
  1. Log into your Creative Market account and visit your profile info
  2. Click the small "x" beside Dropbox. Your purchases will no longer sync to the old Dropbox account. 
  3. To completely remove permissions in your old Dropbox account, log into that Dropbox account.
  4. Visit Settings > Security > Scroll down to Apps Linked and click the X by Creative Market. At this point this Dropbox account should now be completely disconnected from your Creative Market account. 
  5. Completely log out of your old Dropbox account.
Sync your new Dropbox account:
  1. Go back to your Creative Market account and visit your profile info.
  2. Just click "Connect Dropbox," and follow the login process to connect your new Dropbox account
  3. After Dropbox is connected to your CM account, you'll be able to sync your purchases by clicking the small sync button on the right under the "Dropbox" column.

Q: Do updates for products automatically sync?
A: No, but it’s something that may be released later on. In the meantime, here's a workaround: just click the re-sync circular icon next to the individual product. That will update the product in your Dropbox account with the latest version.

Q: Can I sync only specific products to Dropbox? 
A: Unfortunately, our sync option does not allow for selective syncing at this time. Connecting your Dropbox will sync all the items on your account.

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