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After purchasing a font, graphic, theme, template, photo, or 3D model, you’ll see a new overall star rating, as well as a precise set of features to evaluate.

The overall star rating goes from 1 ⭐️- 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, where 5 indicates the highest level of satisfaction with the product, and 1 indicates the lowest. In a highly requested feature, you also get a chance to explain why you’ve chosen that overall star rating. Beyond a yes or no recommendation, our new detailed feedback options allow you to select what worked well from a list of specialized traits like “proper kerning” for fonts, or “clean code” for themes.

These options will be available to you through a post-purchase modal, confirmation email, your purchases page, and the product page itself. You can learn more about leaving a review below. We’ve also outlined some review best-practices and guidelines to help as you leave a review.  

How to leave a review as a buyer

You can leave a product review from any of these places:

Your purchases page:

Just click "Add Review" from any product you've purchased or downloaded as a free good. Products you've already reviewed will display "Reviewed."


From the product page itself:

You can use the banner above the product screenshot to click "Add Review," or scroll down the page to the comments to add a review.



When you click "Add Review," you'll see this box:


First, give your purchase an overall star rating. Take factors like usability, uniqueness, and customer support into consideration. In fact, you can even select pre-filled attributes about the product that you felt did well (this is optional, and these attributes vary by product category) Finally, write an honest, thoughtful review that explains why you provided that star rating. Click "Add Review," and you're done! The Shop Owner will receive a notification that you've left a review and will have a chance to respond if they'd like. Keep in mind that Shop Owners can respond to all reviews. 

We’ve provided a few review best-practices here, and we’ve also listed review guidelines that we expect all customers to follow when leaving a review. 

How do I edit a review I've already left?

In order to edit your review, just visit the product page of the product you've already reviewed. Navigate to your review of the item, then click "Edit" below your review text:


At that point, you'll be able to change the number of stars you assigned the review, change what the item did well, and update your review text. You can also delete your review completely from this modal. Click "Save Review" when you're done:


Common Questions

I left a review, but it's gone now; what happened?

If you remember leaving a review, but you no longer see that review, it's possible that the review was removed by Creative Market staff because it violated one or more of our Review Guidelines. (Please note that Shop Owners cannot remove reviews.) If you have any questions about why your review was removed, please contact the Creative Market Support Team

Can sellers remove reviews?

To ensure that each product displays an honest spectrum of feedback, Sellers are unable to remove reviews. However, if a review violates one of our Review Guidelines, it may be removed by the Creative Market Support Team. 

As a customer, can I change or delete my review? 

Yes, you may change your star rating, choose different attributes, and/or edit your review comment at any time. You may also delete your own review. If you delete your review, you may re-review the product whenever you want.

I want to review a product that I know I purchased, but I can't leave a review.

Make sure you are logged into the account with which you made the purchase. When you're logged into the correct account, you'll be able to leave a review on your purchases page or on the product page.

Can Shop Owners respond to any review? 

Yes, Shop Owners can and are encouraged to respond to any review- both positive and negative. Creative Market does not limit their ability to respond to ratings of a certain number of stars.

What if I want to leave a private review?

All product reviews are public. However, if you want to give feedback to the seller that is only visible to yourself and the seller, you may send them a private message

How do I report another review or a seller's reply?

If you feel that a review or seller reply violates our Site Content GuidelinesReview Guidelines, or Terms of Service, please contact the Support Team with more details about the review, and we'll gladly investigate.

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