Searching your Purchases

Once on your Purchases page, you’ll find that the Purchases page has its own search bar located on the right hand side. Use this Purchases-specific search bar to help you locate a specific purchase. The search will find matching keywords from the title of the product.
EXAMPLE: If you’re searching for a product called 8 Transparent Cloud Brushes”, but can only remember that the title contained the word cloud”, you could enter cloud” into the search bar, and it would return every product you’ve purchased with cloud” in the title.
You can also use the category filters to narrow down your Search.  Filters are located on the left hand side of the page, beneath the word Purchases”. Select the category of the product you’re looking for, and only products within that category will be shown on the page.
EXAMPLE: You’re looking for a brand template, but you can’t quite remember the specific title. You can set the filter to only show products found in our Templates category. 
PRO TIP: You can also strengthen your search even further by using the search bar in addition to the category filter to show items from a certain category with a specific keyword in the title.

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