Product Review Guidelines & Best-Practices

Product Review Guidelines and Best-Practices

Shop Owners love to hear feedback about their products, so if you've made a purchase, please consider leaving a review to help the Shop Owner make their product even better! We ask that you check out the following Guidelines and Best-Practices prior to leaving your review. Thanks for helping keep reviews constructive and professional!

Note: If you are experiencing a technical issue with the product you purchased, please contact the Shop Owner before leaving a review. 

 Review Guidelines

  • Make your review relevant to the product itself. For example, if a product is described to be compatible only with Photoshop, leaving a review that criticizes the lack of MS Word compatibility is irrelevant. Additionally, do not base your product review on your experience on the Creative Market website, and do not use your review to describe payment issues. These factors are unrelated to the product and are outside of the Shop Owner's control. Please contact the Support Team if you're experiencing either of these issues.
  • Stay professional and respectful. Honesty is encouraged, but please keep your expressions courteous. Abuse, name-calling, trolling, obscenities, harassment, or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Reviews should also abide by our Site Content Guidelines and Terms of Service.
  • Respect the privacy of the shop owner. Do not share the contents of private messages or emails in your review, and do not share sensitive information like email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Do not use your review to promote a product from another shop owner or website.
  • Do not use your review to encourage others to steal, pirate, or misuse the product.
  • Shilling or "Sock Puppetry" (purchasing your own product from another account to leave a review or artificially inflate your ratings) is strictly prohibited. Creative Market reserves the right to close shops found to be doing this, or self-purchasing.
  • Purchasing your competitor’s product for the sole purpose of leaving them a bad review to drive down their ratings is strictly prohibited.

All reviews found to contain content prohibited by the Guidelines above will be removed by Creative Market staff

 Review Best-Practices

  • Be detailed and helpful. Talk about your experience with the product. Mention specific things about the product that were useful to you, aspects of the product you liked or didn't like, or specific areas in which the product can be improved. Though not required, consider selecting the category-specific attributes about the product that you felt worked well. 
  • Make an effort to consult the seller regarding technical difficulties BEFORE leaving a review. Most sellers want a chance to correct issues before they receive critical feedback. This will also give you an opportunity to rate the seller’s level of service, which makes your review more valuable! If you've been helped by the seller, consider leaving a comment in your review about your experience with them. 
  • Keep in mind that download issues are outside of the seller's control. If you are experiencing a download issue, we recommend that you give these tips a try. If you're still having trouble, please contact Creative Market Support, and we'll be happy to help.
  • Consider updating your review if a seller provides technical assistance. Did you leave a critical review on a product due to a lack of functionality or other unmet expectation? If the Shop Owner makes it right or updates the product to better meet your expectations, they'd appreciate an updated review!

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