Troubleshooting Download Issues

If you're having trouble downloading a product from Creative Market, we recommend you try these tips to troubleshoot the issue:

  • It might help to use a download manager, which would allow you to pause/resume downloads and minimize other download issues:
  • Make sure your network connection is not lost at any point during your download. Sometimes the network connection may be lost if your computer goes to sleep, which may result in a corrupted .zip file, or a .cpgz or .part file (signifying an incomplete or partial download).
  • Restart your browser. Sometimes a quick restart helps clear up any blocks and allows for faster downloads.
  • Clear your browser's cache and the Creative Market cookie and try the download again.
  • Alternatively, log in using a different browser, trying the download again.
  • Please make sure you do not have ad blockers, an anti-virus program like Kaspersky, or a firewall switched on while using Creative Market. We've received reports from our customers that these tools often block downloads and prevent certain actions on the site.
  • If you're downloading the file at work, please verify that your IT Department allows .zip downloads. Sometimes a corporation's zealous IT security settings can cause issues on our site or even block downloads.
  • Please verify that your Internet service plan facilitates downloading large files. We typically recommend internet download speeds of at least 6-12 MBPS to browse our site, while download speeds of 20 MBPS or more are ideal for the smoothest downloading experience. Additionally, it may help to avoid using a shared connection (such as a library or coffee shop), as these lower-bandwidth areas may result in a less-stable connection or slower downloads.
  • Finally, using our Dropbox Sync feature may help.

Please let us know if none of these tips work. 

NOTE: If you purchased a large product, it might exceed our shop owners' product upload limit. In these cases, the seller has probably has provided download links in a .txt or PDF file that will direct you to download the product from a third-party host, such as Dropbox. If you're having trouble with the link(s), we recommend that you contact the shop owner right away, as they have the most control over the link(s). However, please note that a seller cannot control your internet connection speed, so if you're still having trouble downloading, we'd be happy to continue working with you to provide an alternate solution. 

Help! I see "Contact Support to Enable Downloads"

Please reach out to the Support Team directly when you see this error; we'll be sure to look into it right away. 

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