Reporting a Bug

While we're proud of our track record of having very few site issues, they do sometimes occur. If you think you're seeing a bug, please submit a ticket with the following information that will help us investigate:

  1. A clear description of the issue you're experiencing, including steps you've taken to reproduce the issue
  2. The link to the specific page on the site where the issue is occurring
  3. The type of browser you're using (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). If you're using a mobile device, please specify which mobile device and browser you're using (e.g. Chrome on iPhone 8).
  4. If applicable, a list of browser pop-up blockers, virus software, or firewalls you're running. Sometimes these tools interfere with the normal workings of our site.
  5. Any screenshots of the error message (if applicable) or even a screencast, if the issue can't be captured by a single image.

Unsure how to create a screenshot? Here are some instructions that'll help:

Screenshot not enough? If a screencast video better demonstrates the issue, use this:

NOTE: In some cases, we may reply asking for a screenshot of your browser console. Here's how to find your browser console:

  • Chrome: You can show this by going to View > Developer > Javascript Console.
  • Safari: Go to Develop > Show Error Console.
  • Firefox: Right click on the page and click "Inspect Element."

Just drop us a note with this information, and we can investigate right away!

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