Send us your feedback, or request a feature

Send us your feedback, or request a feature

Do you have feedback or suggestions for how we can make your marketplace experience even more awesome? Please let us know- we always welcome your feedback!

Feedback on specific products

If you have feedback about a specific product, you can leave a comment on the product page or send the  Shop Owner a message by using "Ask a Question." If you need technical support with a product you purchased, you can contact the seller via Private Message. 

How do I request a product I don't see?

If you’re looking for a specific product and can’t find anything that suits your project’s needs, feel free to start a conversation in our Community Forum with more details about the product you’re looking for. Our community is very active and talented, and many designers may be looking for opportunities to come up with new product ideas, fill a niche, or work with you on your project. 

If you like specific styles, you can message your favorite shop owners to see if they do commissioned work. Sometimes they do, so it's definitely worth asking!

Will you add more product Categories?

Don't see a product category that you think we should have? Let us know! The best place to start is in our Community to see if others in the community would like to see the category too. Adding a new category to the marketplace is an involved process requiring a lot of planning and building, so we will evaluate community feedback carefully to help us determine if it's right for our marketplace. 

Want to upload a product for sale but we don't have a category for it yet? Feel free to contact us, and we'd be happy to provide some guidance.

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