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Shop Owner License FAQ

Selling on Creative Market takes the stress out of writing your own license terms - we provide all of the licenses! 

You can read more about what licenses we offer here:

General Licenses

  • Personal License
  • Commercial License
  • Extended Commercial License

Font Licenses

  • Desktop License
  • Webfont License*
  • E-Pub License
  • App License

*Optional: offers opt-in / opt-out



If you ever have a question about our licenses or need some clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also read more about our licenses in this section of our Help Center.

Common Questions 

If a customer purchases my product, do they own the product? Do exclusive rights get transferred to them?

No; when a customer makes a purchase, they are purchasing a License to use the product under the applicable terms. You retain the copyright to your product: no copyright for the original Asset is transferred to the customer. By making a purchase, the customer (licensee) effectively agrees to the terms of the license.

Can I opt out of offering specific licenses?

Currently, the only license that is optional is our Webfont License (for sellers of font products) because we understand that not all fonts can be optimized for the web. The rest of the licenses do not offer an opt-out to help maintain a seamless customer experience.

Can I set my own prices for my products?

Yes; we offer all of our sellers full control over pricing their items. 

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