All About Product Listings

Here’s a handy guide to interpreting a product listing and finding out the most possible about the product you’re about to purchase:

  1. Product title
  2. Shop Owner who is selling the product. Click here to visit their shop.
  3. Category and subcategory of the item. Sometimes this tells you more about the type of product to expect, especially for fonts, add-ons, mockups, and templates
  4. Display images: The main display is shown, and you can click the display to take a closer look. Additionally, you can click any of the smaller product thumbnails to check out the product’s displays. 
  5. Listing description: This is the most descriptive part of a product listing. It contains more information about the product, lists what’s included, and often provides more insight as to what software is required. If not, it might have a list of file formats included, like what’s boxed in blue, and this will give you a good idea of what software you’ll need.
  6. Purchase flow: Here’s where you can purchase the item. You can select a payment method. Any coupon discounts will show up here as well.
  7. License: first, select the license you’d like to purchase. You can learn more about the licenses offered by clicking either license in #17.
  8. Finish Purchase: when you click this button, you commit to purchase the license of the product and you will be billed.
  9. Share link: use the Pin it” button to save this product to Pinterest. You can also use the short link to share this product on your other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  10. Like: Click this small heart to like” the product.
  11. Collection: Click save for later” to save this product to a collection.
  12. Shop owner: Here’s the Shop Owner again. You can click their name to view their shop, or you can also follow them to receive updates about their shop or as a way to show your support of them. 
  13. Message Shop Owner: You can click this envelope icon to send the Shop Owner a private message
  14. The Shop’s Overall Recommendation %, a gauge of what other customers think of their products.
  15. More products in this shop
  16. The Date when the product was released
  17. The Licenses Available for purchase for this product
  18. File Types: this lists some of the file types included in the actual product files. You can click All Files to view the file and folder hierarchy inside. 
  19. The total product File Size. This may give you a good idea how long the item will take to download after purchase.
  20. Requirements: This gives you an idea of what software type and version will be required. Adobe” means the Adobe Creative Suite, and CS2” means version CS2 or higher is required.
  21. Other file specifications are found here.
  22. Tags: These are keywords that describe the product. Click on any of these to be shown a list of products that also use the same tag. 

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