All About Product Listings

Summary: Here’s a handy guide to interpreting a product listing and finding out the most possible about the product you’re about to purchase.


(Product Shown: Margo Font Duo by Jen Wagner Co)

  • Actions (boxed in green): You can share the product, click the small heart to like” the product, or save it for later (save the product to a collection.) 
  • Purchase Flow (boxed in blue)Here’s where you can purchase the item directly, buy credits, or add the item to your cart. 
    • Seats: Select the number of licenses you need by clicking the + or - button here.
    • License Type: Select the license you'd like to buy. You can learn more about the licenses offered by clicking "What are these?
    • Buy Credits: Clicking this button will allow you to stock up on credits. You can use PayPal to purchase credits as well. (Please note that PayPal is not available for direct product purchases.) 
    • If your balance won't cover the purchase, you can enter credit card information right above Finish Purchase.
    • Finish Purchase: when you click this button, you commit to purchase the license of the product and you will be billed.
    • Add to Cart: Want to buy more than one item? Add the product to your cart! You can access your cart later, review your purchases, and enter payment info there when you're ready to check out.
  • [1] Product title
  • [2] Shop Owner who is selling the product. You can click their name to view their shop and the other products they offer
  • [3] Product's overall star rating. Click on the "# Reviews" to read reviews about the product.
  • [4] Category and subcategory of the item. This tells you more about the type of product to expect
  • [5] Display images: The main display is shown, and you can click the display to take a closer look at it. Additionally, you can click any of the smaller product thumbnails to check out the product’s displays. 


  • [6] File Types Included: this lists some of the major file types included in the actual product files. If a product includes more than one file type, you can click All Files to view the file and folder hierarchy inside. Product compatibility (if applicable) will appear above this section with a description of compatible software. (Boxed in purple above)
  • [7] Other product attributes: These include file size (which may give you a good idea how long the item will take to download after purchase), dimensions, DPI, and other attributes. Click the arrow on the far right to view more.


  • [8] Font Preview (for fonts): Here, you can test out a font. Select sample text strings, type your own text, and adjust the size in the preview below.
  • [9] Share a product: Use the Pinterest Save” button to save this product to Pinterest. You can also use the short link to share this product on your other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • [10] Listing Description: This provides specific details about the product itself. It often lists what’s included and provides more detailed insight as to what software is required in order to use the product. Click "Read More" to view the full description. It's important to review the listing carefully before purchase, because it usually provides a complete picture of what you'll receive when you purchase. 


  • [11] Frequently Asked Questions : You can view more information about the product here. Click View All to view more product FAQ.
  • [12] Ask a Question: You can click this button to send the Shop Owner a private message


  • [13] Reviews: Read reviews left by other customers here. You can review a product if you've purchased it. 
  • [14] Comments: Click this button to read comments left by customers, and leave your own if you want. Anyone can leave a comment.

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