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Do I need special software to use Creative Market?

The short answer is yes- probably!

You donโ€™t need special software to browse our site, but youโ€™ll need to make sure you have the correct software needed to use individual products you purchase on the marketplace. Creative Market offers a wide variety of digital products, and each product has slightly different software requirements.

We recommend that prior to purchase, you review the product listing page carefully to find out what software you will need in order to use the product. Please note that it is very helpful to have a working knowledge of the software as well. This article about File Formats and software requirements may be helpful. If you're ever unsure about what software you'll need, we recommend you check with the shop owner to ask.

Can I use Creative Market with a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad?

Yes, you can browse Creative Market and make purchases with your mobile device, but please note that not every product on our site will be supported by a mobile device or mobile apps when you try to download and use the product. Some products, like Procreate brushes, are built specifically to be used on an iPad, but most other products are built for desktop apps and cannot be used on a mobile device. Again, it's best to review a product listing carefully to understand what software is required to use the product.

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