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Adding your products to Creative Market promotions

Creative Market runs promotional events that we encourage our shops to participate in. We’ve added promotional capabilities that make it easy to join directly from your shop dashboard. 

Here's how it works: Creative Market creates a promotion that includes a discount amount and a discount period. You can add the products of your choice to the discount from your shop dashboard, and your prices, product tiles, and cover images will be automatically updated to reflect the sale as soon as the promotion goes live. 


  1. To start, visit the Products list on your shop dashboard. From the drop-down on the right of the screen, you will see all available promotions and their discount amount for you to participate in. 
  2. Click on the promotion in which you'd like to participate. From there, a module will prompt you to review the promotion details, such as start and end dates/times and rules. Click 'Continue’.
  3. Use the checkboxes that appear under ‘Actions’ to select which products you’d like to add to the promotion. Please note that there may be a limit on how many products can be added to a promotion. Once you’ve reached the limit, you will not be able to select additional products. If you’d like to change which products you’ve added to a promotion, you can de-select a product and select another in its place.
  4. When you are done selecting your products for a promotion, click ‘Done’. You can now see which products are scheduled or live (depending on the promotion start date). If more promotions are available, you may follow the same process to add different products to those. Please note that products cannot be in more than one promotion during the same time period. Also, a product in a promotion will not be eligible for another Promotion until 14 days after the original promotion ends. 

That’s it - your products are now part of the sale! The following will be automatically updated when the sale goes live:

  • Product price: The sale price will display alongside the list price (crossed out) on the product page and in the cart. (Discount will be applied to all available license types for that product) 
  • A sale banner will be applied to the product cover image 



The below terminology will help you understand the anatomy of the promo tool:

  • Sale: A sale event planned and provided by the Creative Market team (e.g. Cyber Week)
  • Promotion: Unique discount options and dates provided within a Sale event (e.g. Cyber Week - 20% off - 11/21 - 11/24). 
  • Discount: Reduction to the product's original price 



Is there a limit on how many products I can put on sale? 

No, there is no limit to the number of products that can be added to a promotion. 


Can I create a discount outside of what the tool offers? 

No, the tool only offers promotions set by the Creative Market team. However, there are plans to offer shops the ability to create and run promotions of their choice in the future. 


Can I choose which license types the discount will be applied to? 

No, the promotion selected for each product will apply the discounts to all license types 


Is there a deadline to add my products to the sale? 

You may add your products to a promotion at any point in time up until the sale’s end date. However, once the sale goes live, you may not remove the product from the promotion. 


After I’ve added my products to a promotion, can I change or remove them from the promotion? 

As long as the promotion has not gone live yet, you have the ability to remove products from the promotion and add other(s) in their place. 


Is there anything I need to do in preparation for the sale? (i.e. update product titles, descriptions, prices, etc) 

As long as you’ve used the promo tool to add your products to the promotion, the following will automatically update when the sale goes live:

  • The sale banner will be placed over the first cover image 
  • Your product prices will automatically update to reflect the discount selected, as well as a slash through the original price 

However, we strongly encourage you to spread the word! Here are a few tips to help prepare for the sale:

  • Consider reorganizing your inventory to put your discounted products at the top of your shop page. 
  • Share posts on your social media featuring all products or individual products that you’ve discounted. Don’t forget to tag @creativemarket - we’d love to share your posts with our social media following!
  • Post a shop update(s) to announce your discounted products to your shop’s followers


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