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How to promote your products using Shop Updates

Our Shop Updates feature is a perfect way to promote your products to all of your followers! It’s helpful if you’d like to:

  • Tell all of your followers about your latest New Product
  • Run a limited time sale or discounted price on a product
  • Announce a product update

To post a Shop Update, just follow these steps:

  • Visit Shop Updates and click “Got an update to share?”


  • Select a post type from New Product, Product Update, or Discount


  • Click Link to a product in the middle. You can use the search to locate the title of the product you’d like to promote. When you’ve selected the product to promote, the main display image of the product will be shown. (Please note: if you just listed a new product, the site cache may take up to 10 minutes to be refreshed and display your new product.)
  • Add a title to the post! This can be 36 characters or less.
  • Write a brief message describing the update to your followers. This should be 200 characters or less and should describe the most important details of your update. Be creative, and have fun! Emoji are supported here. 😃
  • Click “Post” when you’re done!

You can also post a shop update directly from a product page.


This method may be preferred if you’ve just made updates to your product- like changing the price or adding new features- and you want to let your followers know right away. Just click Update Followers, and you’ll be directed to the Shop Updates post editor. You can follow the same steps as above. The post type will default to the type of post suggested on the product page, but you can change it when you’re working on your post.

Common Questions

Who will see my Shop Updates?

Everyone who follows your Shop will see your updates in their Shop Updates feed. 

Can I set my entire shop on sale at once?

Sorry, this feature isn't available yet! Right now, just use our Shop Updates tool to promote products individually. However, do be aware that flooding the Shop Updates feature may result in a decrease of followers. You can review the Shop Updates Guidelines on this page

How do I set a product on sale?

You can run discounts on your products by following these steps: 

  • Change the price in your listing.
  • In your description, include a statement about the details of the sale/discount. Best practices are: include the original price, sale price, level of discount, sale duration, etc
  • Save your product for sale
  • Click "Update Followers" and use our shop updates tool to describe the update.
  • Click post!

Can I create my own promo codes?
Sorry! We don't offer a tool to generate shop-specific promo codes yet.

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