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E-Pub Font Uses

Summary: This article describes use cases for fonts in E-Publications (like E-Books). You can view the full terms of the E-Pub License here. If you own a license for a font purchased under the legacy Standard License, please review this article.

This article covers the topics below:

Can I use a licensed font in an eBook?

Yes, under the E-Pub License, you may use a font in an eBook. The number of eBooks you can create depends on the number of e-books titles you select at checkout. Embedding the font in your Ebook(s) is only permitted for use in electronic publications, provided that the font is not extractable.

Embedding a font in an eBook is not permitted in the Desktop, Webfont, or App Font Licenses.

What is a Title?

A β€œtitle” means one (1) standalone e-publication; each book in a series and each issue of an e-publication (such as a magazine publication) is a single title.

Can I use a font in an ebook and a physical book under the E-Pub license?

No; An E-Pub license allows you to use the font only in an E-book, E-card, or E-magazine. In order to use a font to create a physical book, you will need a desktop license for the font. 

In what formats can an e-publication be available?

Fonts purchased under the E-Pub License may be used in E-books, E-cards, or E-magazines. These might be offered in PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Digital Editions, or other e-reader format used in a web browser. Keep in mind that the font may not be used in such a way that allows the End User (Reader) of your e-publication to extract or reverse-engineer the font.

How many copies of my eBook(s) can I sell? 

The E-Pub License permits use of the font in only the number of titles selected at checkout. However, there is no quantity limit on the sales or distribution of those electronic publications.


Can I embed the E-Pub-licensed font in a website, too?

No; the E-Pub license only allows you to embed the font in an e-publication. If you'd like to embed a font in your website's code, please purchase a Webfont License. 

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