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Single Fonts & Font Families


What is the difference between a single font and a font family?

  • A single font is a specific style or weight, like bold or italic. A font family is a collection of these styles, unified by design but varied in weight or slant. We're now offering these styles individually, giving you pinpoint control over your type needs.


What are the different font licenses available at Creative Market?

  • Choose from Desktop, Webfont, Epub, or App licenses, each tailored to how you plan to use your font. Whether it's for print, online, or digital publishing, we've got the right fit for your project. If you’re not sure about what license you need, then you can read about what the font licenses allow here.

What are the different font formats available, and what licenses do they come with?

  • We group font formats into two categories. The first format is installable OTF and TTF files. They are perfect for publishing, offering crisp, scalable type for print and documents.  Embeddable WOFF and WOFF2 files are the go-to for design, ensuring your text looks sharp on any screen, even if the user doesn't have the font installed.
  • If the license you purchase allows installing the font on your computer, you'll get installable files. Embeddable files come with licenses that allow embedding and if the license allows both, you get access to both installable and embeddable font files.

How should I license a font for my website?

When I purchased (x font), the package used to contain all sorts of font file formats, including WOFF. I can no longer find WOFF files under My Purchases. What happened to those files, and how can I access them?

  • Starting April 2024, Files will be available based on the licenses you purchase. Check to make sure your license covers how you're using the font. If you have the correct license and aren't getting access to the file formats you need, please contact support.
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