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Troubleshooting Fonts

Summary: Learn how to troubleshoot common font-related issues. For more information about fonts, check out the other articles in this series: 
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Fonts getting "Cut off" in Word

Some script fonts with sweeping ascenders / descenders may look "cut off" when you use them in Microsoft Word. Here are a few ways to work around this issue. First, with text selected, go to Format > Paragraph. In the Indents / Spacing tab, under Spacing -> Line Spacing. ("Single" is shown in the display)


Next, try some of these options :

  • Option 1: Select "At Least." For "At," enter the size that corresponds to the size of your font.
  • Option 2: Select "1.5 lines." This may be more effective for script fonts with large descenders or swashes.
  • Option 3: Enter a value in the "After" field that's 1-4 pt or more (for 72 pt+ font) or 2-3 pt (for a 48pt font.)
  • Option 4: Select "Multiple." For "At," enter a very small value like 1.1 or 1.05, experimenting as necessary.

Hopefully this will help you work around issues with ascenders and descenders looking cut off. You can read more about this here on Microsoft:

If you're still experiencing an issue, don't hesitate to contact the seller, since it's something they may be able to resolve by editing the metrics of the font. 

Letter Spacing Issues in Word

If your font's kerning looks incorrect (i.e. the letters aren't properly spaced, or they look abnormally squished together) try this tip to fix it:

Just go to Format > Font > Advanced > and then check "Kerning for Fonts" __ points and above (you can choose any number you want.)


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