Using WordPress Themes

There are two types of WordPress websites: and requires that you use one of the themes available on their site. You will not be able to use a theme purchased on Creative Market on

Creative Market sells themes, which you host yourself. Here are some helpful resources on our blog that will get you started:

For your new theme, the key thing to remember is that you'll want to find your own host and your own domain to operate a site. The major benefit to this is that you can install custom themes from third-party sites (like ours), build your own PHP and CSS, and not have as many limitations to customizing your blog.

What's a “css theme” error in WordPress?

Usually, this error means that you're uploading the wrong files, so you just need to find the right ones, and you'll be good to go! If you extract the contents of the ZIP file you downloaded, you should see a main folder and inside you'll find a few other files and folders. One of those files should be called "Read Me" or something similar. Reviewing this should clarify which file to upload.

If you got an error message that there was the style.css sheet was missing, the main style sheet may be named something else, and/or is located in a separate css folder. You may have to redirect your software to locate the correct style sheet from this subfolder.

Still not working? Feel free to contact us!

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