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Ad-Blockers and Creative Market

Ad-blockers can be really convenient when you’re browsing the web, blocking out content that you’re not interested in seeing. Unfortunately, they may cause issues on Creative Market, even though we don’t serve ads on our site. Ad-blockers may block scripts on our pages and interfere with common functions of our site. Here are some potential issues that may arise if you have an ad-blocker installed in your browsers:

  • Logging in with Facebook: Since some ad-blockers are designed to hide or “break” social buttons, you may not be able to log into Creative Market using Facebook if you have an ad-blocker installed. You may also see endless loading dots.
  • Searching the site
  • Purchasing products or credits on the site

Whitelisting Creative Market on your ad-blocker, pausing your ad-blocker, or turning off your ad-blocker temporarily should usually resolve these issues. Here’s how to do that in the most common ad-blockers:

If this don't help resolve the issue you’re experiencing, please don't hesitate to let us know. We’d be happy to continue to help troubleshoot the issue! Here’s more information on how to report a bug.

I see a message that says "You are Blocked." Help!

Currently, our site will display this message if we detect activity that seems bot-like, or if we think you might be using automation tools that interfere with normal workings of our site. If you see this, please reach out to the Support Team

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