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Quality Guidelines for Web Themes

Summary: We suggest following these guidelines to help ensure your themes are of the highest quality. Read more about these guidelines below, and also check out these additional articles for more category-specific guidelines:
General Guidelines β€’ Photos β€’ Graphics β€’ Templates β€’ Web Themes β€’ Fonts β€’ Add-Ons
File Format(s) Recommended


Ensuring your product works well for a wide audience

  • Includes functional β€œLive Preview”
  • Includes documentation that would help a beginner install the theme.
  • Components should be modern/industry standard; they must be not less than 3 years old

Product Description

Important information to include that helps the customer answer their own questions

  • CMS version(s) supported
  • Technical requirements
  • Includes clear information about additional cost, and/or obtaining required third-party frameworks

Additional Quality Standards

These standards ensure that your customers have the best possible experience with your product

  • Clearly states required server configuration, if any (e.g. a certain version of PHP, etc)

Please review the following guidelines carefully. Failure to follow these guidelines may subject your product to removal.

Software Compatibility

Guidelines that ensure your product is up-to-date and compatible with the latest software

  • Add-Ons, components, code source, extensions, etc, must not be 3 versions behind the most current version, or more than 3 years old


For any questions, please reach out to our Support Team.

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