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Shop Owner Upload Guidelines

Summary: Creative Market has created a set of guidelines to follow when uploading a new product in your shop. Read more about these guidelines below, and check out these additional articles for category-specific guidelines:
Photos โ€ข Graphics โ€ข Templates โ€ข Web Themes โ€ข Fonts โ€ข Add-Ons

For the best possible customer experience, we recommend the following quality guidelines for all listed products:

  • Products must abide by our Shop Owner Guidelines. Notably:
    • Products may not include third-party resources (such as fonts, photos, or theme frameworks.) Read more in our guidelines.
    • No part of your product may depict visible Trademarks. Read more in our guidelines.
  • Product is delivered as a zip file. Please note that alternative formats such as .RAR and .7z may be subject to removal as these create confusion for customers and potentially erode trust.
  • Products within our 4GB upload limit are uploaded to our servers.
    • Products within 4GB limit: Product files must be uploaded to Creative Market servers in their entirety. A product within our upload limit must not be hosted externally and delivered as a link in a txt/pdf; if so, it will be subject to removal.
    • Products above 4GB: Products hosted externally must be closely supported and delivered immediately after purchase. Otherwise, your product may be subject to removal.
  • Products must be correctly represented. This means that your product files are delivered as theyโ€™re described in the product listing and screenshots. Products that are misrepresented may experience a higher refund rate and be set to draft by our Support Team.
  • Product must create a positive customer experience: If your product generates an unusual number of tickets (such as complaints, technical issues, or reports), the Support Team may draft your product. In that event, we will work with you to improve your product so it creates a better customer experience.
  • Creative Market allows our Shop Owners to create a maximum of 200,000 products.

Our Curation Team has also created category-specific quality guidelines, which you can view in the following articles:

Offering your customers the highest quality possible will increase customer satisfaction and create a great customer experience with your shop!


  • Photo: A flattened digital image, especially one snapped with a camera; may or may not be digitally edited
  • Graphic: Any form of digital image, layered or flat; includes icons, illustrations, objects, patterns, textures, and web elements.
  • Icon: A simple, symbolic graphic representing a person, place, or thing; typically meant to be displayed at varying small sizes
  • Illustration: A detailed, stylized rendering of a person, place, or thing; typically artistic in nature
  • Object: A graphical element or component that is added to a larger design 
  • Pattern: A repeated decorative design
  • Texture: A graphic meant to simulate or represent a tactile surface
  • Web Element: A graphic object or component specifically meant to build or enhance a web page
  • Template: A print- or web-ready pre-formatted graphic layout meant to be customized with the end userโ€™s information or images.
  • Mockup: A layered file that allows the simulation of a graphic onto a surface or into a real-world situation.
  • Web Theme: A customizable series of files that establishes the appearance of a websiteโ€™s layout, typography, and color scheme. Most themes are directly installed into a CMS.
  • Font: A typeface: installable software that customizes the appearance of typed text in an application
  • Add-on: An installable tool that extends or customizes certain functions of an application; examples include custom brushes, styles, actions, palettes, and plugins
  • 3D Product: A digital file that creates a mathematical representation of any surface of the object in three dimensions, typically created using 3D modeling software.
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