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Electronic Delivery Consent of IRS Tax Statements


Creative Market now offers digital tax statements. If you would like a digital tax statement in place of a mailed form, please opt into Digital Delivery in your Shop settings.

By choosing to receive electronic copies of your tax statements, you acknowledge and consent to the following Terms:

1. You have a computer with Internet access.

  • For the best experience, we encourage you to use current versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, please upgrade to IE9 or higher. You must also have hardware that supports this software.

2. You will be able to view Adobe PDF files.

  • To download and print a PDF file, install Adobe Acrobat Reader. We will notify you within 5 business days if any changes are made to the method of electronic delivery.

3. You agree to electronically receive the following IRS information tax statements: Form 1042-S, Form 1099-MISC, and Form 1099-NEC.

  • Your IRS information tax statements remain available electronically indefinitely for you to be able to access at any time in the future as long as your Creative Market Shop remains active. You may obtain a paper copy of the electronic information by printing it from your computer.
  • If your account is closed, your consent is nullified and a copy of your tax statement will be mailed to the address provided on your Form W-9.

4. By selecting electronic delivery, you will receive email and online communications and disclosures regarding your account instead of physical mail. 

  • Your consent applies to all IRS tax statements we send, disclose, or communicate to you online. In addition to emails with embedded links and attachments, this includes disclosures, statements, and notices.
  • If you do not consent to receive the statement electronically, a paper copy will be provided via U.S. Postal Services.

5. You permit Creative Market to obtain your electronic signature if you choose to sign certain communications. 

  • If you do sign electronically, your electronic signature will bind you to the terms and conditions to the same extent as if you signed the communications on paper with an ink signature.

6. Your consent to receive electronic IRS information tax returns is effective immediately until you choose to withdraw it.

  • You may withdraw your consent at any time by opting out here
  • Your withdrawal of consent may take up to five business (5) days to process following receipt of such request. Your withdrawal of consent will not apply to communications that were furnished electronically before the date on which the withdrawal of consent becomes effective.  For tax statements (such as IRS Form 1099-MISC or 1042-S) that were to be furnished electronically, we will confirm the withdrawal of consent and the date it takes effect by notifying you electronically, and will furnish  any tax statement via U.S. Postal Services.

7. When requesting IRS information tax returns in paper form, your request will not nullify this consent for future electronic deliveries of IRS information tax returns and other Creative Market online communications unless consent is withdrawn.

  • You may request an IRS information tax return in paper form by contacting us.

8. You consent to update any changes to your personal information.

  • If you change your name, address, tax ID or email address, you agree to sign into your online account and update your information. 
  • For information that is required by law to be sent to you, such as IRS Form 1099-MISC, if we receive an electronic notice that an email is undeliverable due to an incorrect or inoperative email address, then we will resend such required information via U.S. Postal Service.  Other (non-required)  communications will not be resent if we receive an electronic notice that the email is undeliverable due to an incorrect or inoperative email address.
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