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How does Facebook Sign-in Work?

If you already have a Facebook account that you use regularly, you may find it convenient to use Facebook to log into your Creative Market account.

Here's how our login via Facebook feature works:

Method one: Logging into Creative Market using Facebook

  1. Log into Creative Market using Facebook
  2. Log out of Creative Market
  3. You're logged out of Creative Market, but not logged out of Facebook

Method two: Logging into Creative Market while already logged into Facebook

  1. You're already logged into Facebook
  2. You visit Creative Market, but you will not be auto-logged in
  3. You click "Sign in" on Creative Market and will get auto-logged into Creative Market



Can I use the same Facebook account to log into multiple Creative Market accounts? 

No, sorry! We only allow one account per Facebook integration.

Help! I set a password for my account, but I can't use Facebook to log in anymore! 

Our system is set up to handle either Facebook login or password login. If you set a password for your account, you will no longer be able to log in using Facebook. 

How do I disconnect my Facebook account from my Creative Market account?

Simply reset your password, and your Facebook account connection will be removed. Make sure you're logged out, then follow this link to set a password for your account. After setting a password for your account, you'll use your username/email + password to log in (and will no longer be able to use Facebook.)


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