Managing Creative Market Emails and Notifications

To manage the types of email notifications you receive, go to your Email Notifications


If you want to receive an email, check the box. If you don't, uncheck the box. You can also select all emails or deselect all emails. After making changes click Save Preferences to save those changes. Please allow 24 hours for the saved changes to take effect. 



Each of Creative Market's newsletter or notification emails has an unsubscribe button at the very bottom of the email. By clicking unsubscribe in any of those specific emails, you are only removing yourself from the list of that specific email type.

Alternatively, to manage all of your emails at once, visit your Email Notifications page and toggle the switch to "No" on the emails you'd like to unsubscribe from. Again, please allow 24 hours for the saved changes to take effect.

NOTE: If you make a purchase on Creative Market, you will receive an email receipt (a transactional email.) Transactional Emails do not have an unsubscribe option. We are also required to send our user base emails regarding any updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Help! I'm subscribed to your emails, but I'm not getting them

If you've subscribed to our emails, but haven't seen one in a while, please drop us a note, and we can investigate for any issues.

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