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Creative Market Platform Fee

Creative Market is currently charging a Platform Fee on product purchases to cover some of the costs that are incurred when transactions are processed. You can learn more about our Platform Fee below.


Why did Creative Market introduce a Platform Fee?

These fees help us run Creative Market's services and keep your transactions and balances reliable and secure. The Platform Fee is a fixed value applied to each order. It will help cover the cost of various services to host and deliver the design asset you ordered in a secure and reliable manner.

Is the fee refundable?

If your order is eligible for a refund (per our Refund Policy), the Platform fee will be refunded automatically when your purchase is refunded. 

Why is the Platform Fee only mentioned at the end of checkout? Why is this fee not presented in the initial advertised price?

We represent all fees, taxes, and totals in the checkout. The fee is separate from the price of the product and is applied only to the order, whether you purchase one or many products in the order.

Will there always be a fee for every purchase I make now? What if I make a cart purchase with many items, am I charged a fee for each item or per order?

A fee is applied to product orders, not the number of items in the order. If you use our shopping cart to purchase multiple items, there will only be one flat platform fee.

As a long time customer over the years, can I opt-out of this fee?

Sorry, opting out is not possible, since all orders on Creative Market incur costs.

Is the fee charged before or after applying VAT/GST?

The fee is part of the subtotal. VAT/GST and Sales Tax are applied on the subtotal.

Will this fee be charged for a limited time, or is this permanent?

We are continuously looking at ways to optimize Creative Market for future growth and may change our business model as a result.


FAQ about Platform Fees for Shop Owners

Why did Creative Market introduce a platform fee?

Creative Market is testing new business models to help the platform grow. Our platform fee helps offset the cost of our services, such as hosting, fraud detection, and payment processing around the world.

Who pays for the platform fee?

Customers who place an order are charged a small fee per order to help offset the cost of the transaction.

Will my earnings be impacted?

Ideally, no, but we are testing carefully to ensure that Creative Market continues to grow with the proper dynamics for buyers and Shop Owners.

Will the fee change in the near future?

At this time, we're testing one fixed fee to offset the cost of hosting, payment processors, etc. Based on the results of our testing, we may change our approach.

How is the platform fee different from Creative Market's Commission?

Creative Market's Commission rate is a split price of the product license sold. With this Commission, we'll offset some of our internal hosting and platform costs.

Can I opt-out of this fee for my shop and products?

Sorry, opting out is not possible, since all orders on Creative Market incur costs.

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