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All About Creative Market's Free Goods

Summary: Together with our generous Shop Owners, Creative Market offers several high-quality free goods each week! Any member of the community can download four free goods every single week as part of our Weekly Free Goods

Weekly Free Goods

Weekly Free Goods are four great products offered for free, selected by our Design team each week to showcase the great designs from various shops on our site. They can range from fonts to graphics to WordPress themes. There are four new products every week, so make sure you get them before they expire!

Our free goods are only free from Tuesday at midnight until Monday night at 11:59 CT (UTC-6). After that, we'll offer four different goods for free. You can download our current free goods right over here!

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When is the deadline to download the Free Goods?

Each set of Free Goods is available for download from Tuesday at midnight until Monday night at 11:59 CT (UTC-6). After this time, a new set of Free Goods is released.


What if I miss downloading the Free Goods during the week they are available?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer Free Goods once they have expired. Not only do we lack the administrative tools to be able to free up the items again for you, but doing so would also violate the agreement made with the Shop Owners who volunteer to offer their items for a certain length of time.


For this reason, we recommend downloading the new free goods right away! 


Which License comes with free goods? Can I use the free good to create an End Product to sell?

Free goods are licensed as follows:

  • Free Fonts come with the Desktop License: The Desktop License allows you to create End Products for sale.
  • Free Themes only offer the GPL: the GPL allows commercial use.
  • All other free Assets come with the Personal License: Commercial use is not permitted with the Personal License.

Can I upgrade my license for free goods?

If you’d like to purchase a license for a free good that allows more rights, you may add another license when the asset is no longer being offered as a free good (the following Monday at 12AM CT). Once the asset is available to purchase again, you can add another license. Just click on the "Need Another License?" link on the product page to select the license of your choice and specify the number of seats you want to buy.

I’m a Shop Owner. Can I submit my products to be Free Goods?

Yes! Here are instructions on how to submit a Free Good as well as all you need to know about offering Free Goods.


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