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Sharing Products

There are a couple of different ways to share Creative Market products you like on your social channels! Each product has a special short link found under the purchase button. 

Just copy this link and paste the link into tweets, Facebook posts, or other social posts. We've found that Pinterest generates the most interest, so we have a special share button you can use to share products on Pinterest.

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Following Members of the Community

Following a user allows you to see the member's activity (given that their activity is public). A member's activity includes purchases, recommendations, comments, and Collections. It's a great way to show another person that you like their taste, and following them also gives you a way to discover products you might also like.

Activity from people you follow on Creative Market will show up in your personal feed under Activity. Here, you'll be able to see what they like, add to a collection, recommend, comment on, and list (if they're a Shop Owner:)

If you follow Shop Owners, their products will show up in your personal feed on Creative Market (which you can find on the front page by clicking "Following" or "Recent":


How do I stop users from following me?

You can't prevent other users from following you, but you can hide your activity so they can't see your purchases and such. Learn how to do that here.

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What is a "Like?"

A Like is a way of keeping track of products you admire in the marketplace and a way to give shop owners appreciation for their talent. You can "like" a product by clicking on the small heart icon in the top right corner of the product, wherever that product appears in search results or categories on Creative Market.

You can also "like" a product from the product page, by clicking the small heart beside "Like":

To view your Likes, click Profile from the top right drop down menu, followed by Likes at the center of the screen.

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All about Discussions

Discussions is a great place to interact with other people in the community who are passionate about design! You can use it to: 

Common Concerns

Why can't I @-mention in Discussions?
In a Discussions thread, you can @ mention anyone who's in the thread and/or anyone of the last 500 people you have followed. The limit was set up for a technical reason. If you can't @ mention someone, check to see if you are following them. If not, try following them, and you should be able to @ mention them. If you are following them already, try unfollowing them, and then follow them again. You'll then be able to @ mention them. We're working on making this easier in the future.

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