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How to make a purchase

Credit Card Purchases

Please enter your credit card directly into our secure payment form, finish the purchase, and download your purchase right away. You can manage the credit cards you save in your account Payment Settings



After clicking "Continue on PayPal", you will be redirected to PayPal, where you’ll be asked to log into your PayPal account. 

Once you complete the transaction, you will be brought back to Creative Market. If you purchased a product, you'll be able to download your purchase from your Purchases page here

Common Questions:

I see the error "No Token Passed" when I try to buy credits with PayPal.
Is it possible you're trying to use PayPal Credit? At this time, we do not support the "PayPal Credit" feature, which is similar to a credit card operated by PayPal's platform. You'll likely see an error if you use PayPal Credit. You must choose a different funding source, such as a bank account, PayPal balance, or credit card.

Do you accept purchase orders or payments for bulk purchases?
Sorry, we don't fill purchase orders or accept direct payments for bulk purchases!

What currency does your site use? Are prices displayed in my country's currency?
All the products sold on our site are US Dollars (USD). Each price on our site is displayed in USD. Depending on the currency exchange rate between your country and the US, the amount charged to your statement may appear higher or lower than what was listed on the site.

Is your site checkout secure?
Creative Market offers a PCI compliant checkout and meets industry standards for handling credit card information. Our credit card processor handles all sensitive payment information using tokenization. We do not record or store your complete credit card credentials in our system; rather, we only store the last 4 digits of your credit card and offer the option to save those details for future usage. Saved cards go into your payment settings. Due to the secure way we handle credit card information, no one can harvest your complete credit card credentials to use on another site.


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