Common Billing Concerns

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I made a purchase, but a completely different amount is shown on my bank statement

There are two main reasons why the purchase amount you see on the site may look different than what is shown on your bank statement. Creative Market lists products for sale in US dollars (USD). Depending on the currency exchange rate between your country and the US, the charged amount on your statement may appear higher or lower than what was listed on the site. Additionally, keep in mind that some countries require us to charge VAT or GST. VAT or GST amounts shown are also in USD.

Additionally, credit cards can charge foreign transaction fees when users are buying items outside their country of issue. This may have been the case for your items, since Creative Market is based in the US. We would suggest giving your credit card company a call to check to see if this was the case. Please note that Creative Market does not charge this fee; this originates from your credit card company/bank, if applicable. 

If you believe that the amount on your statement does not reflect these two above issues, feel free to send us a message and we’d be happy to check.

Why does my bank statement show a “recurring charge” from Creative Market?

Creative Market does not offer a subscription or recurring payment options. If your purchase from Creative Market shows a "recurring" payment on your bank or credit card statement, note that this is a misnomer. If you've made purchases with us and saved your credit card information on our site in the past, the bank may classify it as a "recurring charge" due to the saved credit card information. However, each charge on Creative Market is a regular one-time charge.

Why was I charged $1?

This is not a charge, but rather a pre-authorization. Sometimes your credit card company places this small temporary authorization charge on your card (around $1) to verify that there are funds in the account that is trying to make a purchase. This small charge will usually show up as a "pending" charge, and it should disappear within 7-10 days.

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