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First Free Download for Annual Members

With an annual membership subscription, yearly members will receive *up to $30 or $30 off their first download. The first free download does not apply to those who subscribe monthly. 

If the product is $30 or less, the first asset you choose to download is automatically free; when you select the license you want, select ‘Download with Credits’ or ‘Download Free,’ the checkout option will show the total amount charged as $0. 

If the product is more than $30, $30 will be applied, and you will see the difference when you check out. 


How do I get my first free download? 

Once subscribed to an annual plan, go to the product page of the item of choice and click ‘Download Free’ to receive your download. Here's a screenshot example: 

Download Free Screenshot.png


What is the maximum value for my first free download? 

If the asset you download is more than $30 in value, the $30 discount will automatically apply to your cart and automatically pay the difference with your membership credits. 

Pay difference with membership credits.png


What if I downloaded the wrong item? 

Please get in touch with our Customer Support team.


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