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Navigating our Ticket Form

If you've explored all of the available resources on our Help Center and still need more assistance, please get in touch with our friendly Support Team by creating a ticket with us.  

Here's a breakdown of the ticket form categories to help you choose the most relevant one for your issue:

  • Account Management: This category covers any issues related to your Creative Market account, such as logging-in issues 
  • Order and Purchases: Need help with a purchase? This category covers issues related to buying products on Creative Market, including refunds or billing problems.
  • Product Support: If you're having trouble using a product you downloaded and the shop has not responded to you and help troubleshoot, this is the category to choose.
  • Site Feedback, Feature Requests and Bug Reporting: Have suggestions for improving the Creative Market website, or have you encountered a bug? This category is for reporting any issues with the website itself.
  • Copyright and Trademark Violations: If you suspect copyright infringement on Creative Market, this is the category to report it.

Selecting the most appropriate category will help Creative Market route your ticket to the right team for a faster resolution. Please remember, the more details you provide in your ticket, the better they can help you.

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