Extended Commercial license - FAQ

This article covers the main questions about the Extended Commercial license.

Do I need an Extended Commercial license?

You will need an Extended commercial license if your use of the licensed asset involves any of the following:

  • involves an exchange of money for the work created,
  • promotes a business (such as a sole proprietorship, corporation, or non-profit), or
  • where financial gain is an intended result, directly or indirectly

You want to do any of the following (if you do not want to do any of these, the Commercial license may fit your needs):

  • sell more than 5,000 end products,
  • use the licensed asset in a mobile app, desktop app, website development, or video games.
  • Use the asset in an end product that (i) is not significantly different from the original Licensed Asset, (ii) does require time, effort, and skill to produce, or (iii) derives its primary value from the Licensed Asset itself.

Do I need more than one seat?

The Creative Market License covers one user per license. You will need a license for each user that has access to the stock asset.

What can I do with the Commercial license

You may create physical end products, for commercial use or non-commercial use such as, but not limited to:

  • clothing
  • cards
  • invitations
  • stickers
  • etc...

Yes, you may create product packaging for commercial use or non-commercial use such as, but not limited to:

  • labels
  • stickers
  • containers
  • etc...

Yes, you may create digital products for commercial use or non-commercial use such as but not limited to:

  • static designs
  • static website elements
  • etc ... 

Yes, you may create digital or Print Publication for commercial use or non-commercial use such as but not limited to:

  • cards
  • invitations
  • photo albums
  • scrapbooks
  • e-books or e-publications

❌Use of embedded fonts (or web fonts) is not allowed unless the Shop Owner specifically states that such is allowed for the Licensed Asset in the Shop Owner’s store on Creative Market.

How many End products can I sell?

You can sell up to 250,000 lifetime combined individual end products or packaging (digital or physical) sales, instances, impressions, or installations (as applicable) for Commercial use.

Can I use an Extended Commercial license on a social media account?

✅Yes, you may assets purchased with a personal license for one personal or individual social media account (not on a company or business social media page) for Non-commercial use.

✅Yes, multiple owned and managed company social media accounts are allowed for Commercial use. There is no limit on accounts and pages owned and managed by the Licensee for Extended Commercial use.

Can I use the Extended Commercial license for marketing or advertising campaigns?

✅ Yes for television advertisements such as commercials, promos, and infomercials broadcast on network, cable, satellite, pay-per-view, and video-on-demand television services.

✅ Yes for physical advertisement campaigns such as billboards, signage, printed advertisement, etc.

✅ Yes for digital advertisement campaigns such as ads served by Google Ads, Bings Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ad, etc.

Is there a quantity limit for promotional and advertisements use?

No limits on the number of impressions of social media posts or advertisements incorporating the Licensed Asset for Commercial use or Non-commercial use.

Can I use the Commercial license for broadcast and streaming? 

✅Yes, broadcast and streaming via network, cable, internet, satellite, pay-per-view, video on demand or streaming of motion picture and /audiovisual works, including advertisements, are permitted for Commercial use and Non-commercial use.

Is there a quantity limit for broadcast and streaming? 

No limit on the lifetime viewers for Commercial use or Non-commercial use.

Can I use the Extended Commercial license for Digital Development?

Yes for Website Software Development, Mobile App Development, Desktop Application Development, and Video Game Development: you may use the Licensed Asset in one title.

Quantity Limitations on Digital Development: The Licensed Asset may be used in a single website, application, or video game.

Each additional website, application, or video game including (without limitation) successor products, requires a separate license.

The license is additionally subject to the limitations in the Extended Commercial license terms

What is not allowed by the Extended Commercial license?

For End products you can't:

  • ❌Offer on-demand applications, like Print-on-Demand and Create-on-Demand Services, even for non-commercial use
  • ❌You may not embed a License Asset that is a font, including without limitation within a website, ebook, or e-publication for Commercial use or Non-commercial use unless the Shop Owner specifically states that such is allowed for the Licensed Asset in the Shop Owner’s store on Creative Market.

For Trademark and Copyright you can't:

  • ❌use the asset as part of a trademark, service mark, design mark, trade-name, or similar use unless (1) the Licensed Asset is significantly altered and (2) not the predominant element of the End Use. In no event does this License Agreement allow Licensee to -- and Licensee shall not seek to -- register, protect, or enforce any trademark or similar rights in the Licensed Asset itself which must be disclaimed in any trademark registration. Contact Creative Market for a custom license if these rights are desired.
  • ❌claim the Licensed Asset itself as its own copyrighted work.

❌The license is limited to the expressly permitted uses stated in this License Agreement: future-existing technologies and uses are expressly reserved and not included within the scope of the license.

To read all the prohibited uses of the Extended Commercial license read the full terms 

❌ At no time can you:

  • Resell or Sub-License the Licensed Asset as in a way that is directly competitive with the original Licensed Asset.
  • Resell any modification of the asset on its own.
  • Make the asset public or share the asset in any way.
  • Use the Licensed Asset in pornographic, fraudulent, immoral, infringing, illegal, harassing, offensive, or defamatory material, is strictly prohibited
  • Falsely representing authorship and/or ownership of the Licensed Asset
  • Any other use that is not expressly permitted in the license terms (Permitted Uses and Quantity/Impression Limitations) is strictly prohibited.

Please read all the Extended Commercial license terms to learn more about all the permissions and restrictions for this license.

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