Do downloads roll over?

No, downloads do not roll over at the end of each month. Any unused downloads will expire on your plan's renewal date. Please note that the counter will take into account the time you subscribed as well. For example, if your Monthly 10 plan renews every 5th of the month at 9AM Pacific Time, your download counter will reset back to 10 downloads at 9AM on July 5th, even if you had 3 downloads left for June.

Need a different plan? We've made it simple to adjust your the number of downloads you’re subscribed to each month. This makes it easier to plan for months where you may need more or fewer downloads. You can adjust your plan on the Plan tab of your Subscription Dashboard. When upgrading your plan, you’ll be billed for the difference between your original subscription and your new one. If downgrading your subscription, you’ll receive a credit for the difference.

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