All About Creative Market Pro Licenses

Digital Impressions
Physical End Products Not for Sale
Digital or Physical End Products for Sale 
500 copies
Video and Broadcast Usage
Unlimited Web Views
(YouTube, Facebook, etc).
Unlimited Web, TV and Film Production Views
(Netflix, Hulu, Cable TV)
Font Usage
Unlimited Desktop Use  
Unlimited Desktop & Embeddable Use
(embed in ebooks, web fonts, apps, epubs)   
Legal Indemnification
Up to $10,000 per asset
Up to $250,000 per asset
Read the full license agreement here.
How do I select a license?
When subscribing to Creative Market Pro, you can select from either the Basic License or the Enhanced License. Check out the table above for a comparison. The license you select will be part of your subscription and any assets you download while subscribed will be covered under that license. 
How many End Products can I create with an asset? 
You can use an asset in multiple End Products as long as they are all related to a single Design Project, where a Design Project is a complete and cohesive undertaking for one company or client, and an End Product is a new and original physical or digital reproduction that is significantly different from the original asset, and has taken time, effort, and skill to produce. For example, if you're creating a marketing campaign for a new product launch, you can use the asset in End Products for both online and print ads.
Installable Assets (such as fonts, brushes, plugins, or other assets within the Fonts or Add-ons category) are exceptions, and you can use them an unlimited number of Designs Projects and End Projects on a one-seat-per-license basis. 
What if I want to use the asset more than once?
If you’d like to use the asset in more than one Design Project or for multiple clients, you can simply re-download the asset as many times as needed. Multiple downloads of the same asset will not count against your download pool, and will also help to support the original creator of the asset.
How many seats do I need?
You’ll need a paid seat for each member of your team who will need to download and use assets in their work. When signing up for your plan, you’ll be able to add as many seats as you’d like, and you can easily add additional seats at any time by updating your plan.
Can I sell the End Products I create?
Yes, you can use an asset to create a Digital or Physical End Product for Sale. Examples include t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, mobile apps, or art prints. Under the Basic License, you can sell your End Product up to 500 times. If your subscription includes an Enhanced License, you can sell your End Product an unlimited number of times. 
Can I create End Products to use on social media or other digital platforms?
Yes, you can create End Products to use in digital ads, landing pages, social media posts, emails, etc. These End Products can receive unlimited Digital Impressions
Can I use End Products I create in printed goods?
Yes, you can produce an unlimited number of Physical End Products that are not available for sale under the Basic or Enhanced License. Examples include print ads, promotional posters, product packaging, or book cover designs. 
Can I use assets in video production?
Yes, you can use assets to create a video End Product. Under the Basic License, a video can receive unlimited views when available on your company or client website or free streaming sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The Enhanced License grants the additional rights for the video to receive unlimited views on Broadcast TV, in film production, or on a paid streaming service such as YouTube Red, Netflix, or Hulu.
Can I embed a font in an End Product?
Yes, the Enhanced License includes the rights to embed fonts within an End Product. With the Basic License, you can’t embed a font, but you can use a rendered font in any End Product.
Can I use assets in deliverables I create for a client?
Yes, you can use any asset you download in an End Product for your client. You'll just need to make sure that their use falls within these license terms
What if I want to upgrade a license?
You can easily upgrade your license on your Creative Market Pro subscription plan page. Contact us if you need to upgrade the license for a single asset, and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options.  
Can I trademark an End Product I create?
You can’t register a trademark for any assets you download or any End Products you create—including logos. Learn more about registering a trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Can I copyright an End Product I create?
Yes, you can copyright an End Product you create, but you must identify any assets you used as pre-existing works not owned by you. Learn more about copyrighting your work from the United States Copyright Office.
Are there any other applicable licenses? 
A third-party license may govern some themes, the most common being the GNU General Public License (GPL). Because WordPress is under the GPL license, all derivative works must also be licensed under the GPL. You can read about the terms here.  

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