Bank Wire Payout FAQ

Q: How do I request a wire transfer payout to my bank account?
A: You can request a bank wire transfer from your shop Payouts page by clicking "Wire.”

Q: Do you accept Payoneer or other forms of payout?
A: No, we only allow for PayPal and bank wire (not ACH) at the moment. Please DO NOT enter Payoneer information because your wire will not be successfully sent.

Q: What is the minimum amount for which I can request a wire?
A: Only $20 in earnings is required to request a wire.

Q: What special characters do you allow?
A: Account number/IBAN and Routing Number or ABA/SWIFT Code cannot contain special characters such as hyphens, dashes or spaces. If you remove these you will still receive your payout. Leading zeros are okay

You can only use English letters (i.e. A-Z, a-z, and 0-9). Absolutely no special characters or diacritics will be accepted. For example, you should type "Apt 2," not "Apt. 2" or "Apt#2". Additionally, you should Anglicize all diacritics. For example, you should type "aeiou", not "åéïøü". These are requirements set by our bank. 

Q: Do I need to enter my address?
A: Yes, you need to enter your FULL physical personal or business address (street address, city, state/province (if applicable), and country) and not a P.O. Box. If a full address is not received, your wire request WILL BE REJECTED.

Q: Do I need to enter my bank's address?
A: Yes, we'll need you to enter your bank name and city/state. We do not need a full address, just the city/state and country. We do NOT need a correspondent bank, so please do not provide that information.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: We gather requests until the last day of every month up to 11:59pm Central time (UTC-6), and we’ll initiate the wire payment to your bank in time for you to receive the funds by the 15th of the following month. Please see this Payout FAQ for more information. 

Q: Do you charge a fee?
A: Creative Market does not charge a fee, but your bank or correspondent bank may charge you a fee. You can read more about bank fees here, but please contact your bank to learn more about fees they may charge and apply to your wire.

Q: Can I remove my bank account?
A: Yes, you may remove your bank information, as long as you do not have a wire request with a status of "Processing."

Q: Can I cancel a request for a wire?
A: You may cancel your wire request, as long as it's before the end of the month in which you requested it, and the status is "Pending." To do that, just click the X next to the requested amount on your Payouts page in the "Payment History" table on the righthand side of the screen. If it shows "Processing" and you want to cancel, please contact Support.

Q: How many wires may I request?
A: You may request multiple wires using one bank account until the end of the month. At that point, we total all of the wires requested that month and pay the total amount on the next month's payout date.

Q: Can I use PayPal and my bank account on the same account?
A: Yes, you may request PayPal and wire payouts from the same account for the same month. All amounts will be paid on the next month’s payout date.

Q: Can I use more than one bank account?
A: No, not for the same shop. If you have more than one shop, you can use different bank accounts for each. But only one bank account may be used at a time per shop.

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