Formatting your Product Listing Description

Which markdown features does Creative Market support?

We currently only support Italic, Bold, Lists, and horizontal lines. To format your text one of these three ways, use this markdown:

  • *Italic* > Italic
  • **Bold** > Bold
  • --- for a horizontal line

How do I make a list?

To make a bullet list, you must start on an empty new line. Start each item on the list with an asterisk ‘*’ or a ‘-‘ followed by a blank space.

Line of text before list:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Can I have custom bullets for my lists?

Let's say you want the ☯ character for bullets in your list. You can fake the list style by finishing each of your line with 2 or more empty spaces. This in markdown means you want to force a new line.

Line of text before the list <—finished by 2 blanks
☯ My item 1 <—finished by 2 blanks
☯ My item 2 <—finished by 2 blanks

Paragraphs and line breaks

Markdown will not consider a simple new line as an actual line break. This lets you add as many line breaks as you want when editing your description, but might not achieve the result you wanted.

To create a new paragraph, leave an empty line between 2 sections of text. To force a line break without having the spacing incurred by a new paragraph, finish your line with 2 or more blank spaces.

Can I control the spacing around a horizontal line?

Sorry! That's not possible.

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