Can I download a bundle as one file?

If you purchased a bundle, you can download all of the products individually from your purchases page, when you're logged into your account. Each item in the bundle will show up as "$0.00" - just click the little downward pointing arrow to the far right of the item you would like to download.

In the past, we have allowed for the bundle to be downloaded in a large ZIP file. However, we have made a recent decision to stop providing ZIP downloads for our bundles for the following reasons:

  • ZIP files can be easily pirated.
  • They often break, creating more frustration for our customers.
  • They can place a lot of strain on our development team.
  • A 12GB downloadable zip can create a poor customer experience.

However, we are now offering a new, super convenient "Sync All" feature for users that have Dropbox connected. This makes it easy to download all the bundle products - even if users connect Dropbox after purchasing the bundle. If you need help connecting your Dropbox or just have general questions about that, check out our Dropbox FAQ here.

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