Installing Fonts

How to install fonts on your computer (Mac / PC)

Before installing your new font, you must unzip the file. Next, you can install the font in your system by following these steps:

On a PC: Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click "Install."

On a Mac:

  • Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click "Install Font."
  • Alternately, you can manually install fonts to bypass Fontbook: Copy (CMD + C) the file(s) either OTF or TTF format, then Paste (CMD + V) the files into this folder: HD > Library > Fonts

Important: Restart the program where you intend to use the font, and the fonts will show up in your font list when you open the program again. 

How to install fonts on iOS (iPhone / iPad)

In general, we recommend using fonts on your Desktop or Laptop computer because fonts cannot be directly installed on a mobile device without the help of a third party app. However, if your device of choice is an iPhone or iPad, one app that will allow you to install fonts on iOS is called Instafont. Please be aware that your mobile device may not fully support all features of OpenType fonts. Finally, as many of our fonts are delivered in .zip files, you may also need a third-party app to unzip files on your mobile device

How to install fonts on a Chromebook

Installing fonts on a Chromebook is possible, although it’s not quite as simple as installing fonts on a computer with Windows or MacOS. This video will walk you through the process for installing your new fonts on a Google Chromebook.

You can learn more about about using and troubleshooting fonts in this helpful article. Tto learn more about OpenType features, check out this article. If you're still having trouble, don't hesitate to contact Support


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